2003 Altima Front Wheel Bearing Replacement Part 3

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Removal of the old bearing and installation of the new bearing and hub, along with the snap rings.


MustangResto says:

Bonnie E, rear wheel bearings are different. I’ve done them but didn’t
make a video. You remove the entire bearing assembly and replace it.
There is no disassembly of the rear wheel bearings. You buy the whole
bearing/hub/wheel studs as a single assembly. Just search for a picture of
the rear wheel bearings and there are lots of videos. It’s a much easier

marty hamb says:

what size is the deep dish socket you use for the big bolt and nut?

Bonnie E says:

These videos are really helpful…. However I was told that my Rear Wheel
Bearings are bad. I have a 2003 Nissan Altima SL 2.5 ltr. How do i know if
I need the Hub Assembly or just the Bearing? 

Sonny Nguyen says:

Thank you for great video, I like the way you did!

CSM. Rivera says:

Best video I have seen that explained the removal and install of bearing
for altima using right tools. I have the same tools and used them
differently than you due to confusion in supplied instructions and broke
the bolt. But this video made it simple to do the next time around. Thanks

dchawk81 says:

Thanks for making this video. It’s nice to see an alternative to a big
press. How often do you do bearings to justify the $100 kit though? I’m
thinking of just having my local shop do them as they’re only going to
charge me $5 each to press out the old and press in the new.

Oh and what impact do you have? Just wondering why you had to use the
breaker bar first.

Scorpion Heart says:

Boss I have 2005 Nissan Altima 2.5 can I know the specification number both
bearing Please? it is same bearing size with Nissan Altima 2005? I am
planning to schedule the replacement my front wheel bearing because it is
noisy already. Thanks

Troy Hicks says:

Efficiency Tip : I used a medium sized ball joint pry fork with an opening
of about 1-1/2 inches to very easily remove the hub bearing cap, with a
medium hard hit between the hub and the bearing cap with a large ball peen
hammer and it just popped off with out any cutting with a grinder wheel. So
easy it was scary…

yell1100 says:

AWESOME,,, thanks very much for all your hard work .i am doing a bearing on
my Renault master ….its been a nightmare until i found your videos just
need to find someone with a bearing press or go and hire one ,thanks again

Major Pain says:

I certainly appreciate this video. This is what working on your car
REEAAALLLY looks like. There are many DIY videos around that try to
“glamorize” the process with dance music and fast camera swipes. There’s
never any ‘problems’. This new generation of mechanics are expected to
believe in a 2 minute tutorial they are shown how to change the brake
sysem, transmission, and add turbo charger to your car? No my friends,
really working on your car includes rust, broken bolts, and having to use a
little hammer persuasion. Keep up the good work, it’s folks like you
sharing your knowlege on the internet that really counts.

Shadyhunter04 says:

I appreciate the video. I can do some mechanical work but this looks like
it’s too much of a pain in the ass so I’m just taking it to a mechanic.

Michael Salazar says:

Thanks, man. I’m getting ready to replace my bearings next week. You method
using the press looks much better than beating the heck out of the

Xaviour Pryce says:

good tut. thanks

marquise mcelhaney says:

sure wish you could fix my front wheel bearing

Ted says:

Nice videos. I have a 2002 Altima and have replaced the right side bearing
twice now, within a year, and it seems I may be doing it again. Buddy of
mine and I have done it in his garage as he has all the tools. The new
bearing is vibrating at about 40 mph and makes grinding noises when turning
sharply. Not sure if we damaged it or what, or it could be one of the
other bearings. Did you use an OEM bearing or an aftermarket one? My two
I got at Autozone. The first one was the cheap one and the second one was
more money. 

Yvon Nantel says:

Thanks a lot MustangResto. Great tutorial you did there. Really helpfull!
Tumbs up!

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