2003 Suzuki LTZ 400 Restoration…Rags To Riches!

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A look at the transformation of a 2003 Suzuki ltz 400 as we bring it from rags to riches! All new parts purchased from Rocky Mountain Atv. All used but “new to me” parts purchased from Adrenaline Cycles in Kentucky. Website www.moto-recyclers.net Work done to bike included (I am sure I will miss something) new seat cover new timing chain new brakes new wheel and carrier bearings new cables replaced parking brake lever new front brake lever replaced rad shroud and overflow bottle new grips replaced both lower a-arms replaced tail light and made new mounting bracket replaced all plastic from 2006 bike replaced exhaust can repaired hole in engine side cover cleaned carb new battery new air filter oil change and grease job replaced ignition switch replaced brake rotor replaced skid plates replaced axle nuts replaced fuel shut off valve Painted bumper, grab bar, touched up frame. I think that just about covers everything that I can think of right now. The bike turned out great and was a beast. I am sure the new owner will be very happy with it! Background music courtesy of Apple and iMovie 11.


cubbeezx says:

Thanks ! lol….That would be Jethro, one of our German Shorthaired Pointers!

koolforever1 says:

The dog at 3:53 was HILARIOUS!!!! Nice video 🙂

cubbeezx says:

Thank you very much!

pauric141 says:

lovely job 🙂

cubbeezx says:

I think that the Japanese music is kinda fitting for the Japanese quad…

cornholo1 says:

Change song!! And great deal!

cubbeezx says:

I think I just changed the bearings in the stock one. You could try the link in the description where I got the plastics and stuff. They might have something for you. Good luck.

Steve Collins says:

Where did you find a rear bearing carrier? Mine needs one.

cubbeezx says:

I think it was $2800 Canadian. Paid 800, spent about 600 more. So it worked out pretty good for me…well the buyer got a good bike too! That was a couple years ago now.

Firstegags Lastsfsa says:

how much did u sell this for?

cubbeezx says:

The grizz is good! I really like it!

cubbeezx says:

No, we sold it quite awhile ago so we could get 4x4s.

psychosocial28 says:

@lockyer1996 I run 10w40 in my 400ex.

cubbeezx says:

I got them used from Adrenaline Cycles in Kentucky. There is a link in the description.

Paul Burke says:

where did you get those stock white plastics

cubbeezx says:

Thanks! It’s been awhile, but I think I got it for $600 bucks delivered. Spent about 7 or 800 for parts but I think the shipping to get the fenders here from the US was about 150 or 200 bucks of that. Then I sold it for $2800.

luke242mx says:

nice i wanna do the same thing but keep it like i did to my sleds i got in mint shape for 300 and how much did you buy it for put into it and sell it for ?

cubbeezx says:

Thanks! Yes, that colour worked pretty good!

Z400racerltr says:


cubbeezx says:

You would want to make sure that the rest of the bike is pretty good and maybe check around for a price on a wiring harness. Ebay maybe or at a bike salvage yard. I got my used parts from Adrenaline Cycles in Kentucky and had them shipped to Canada and were still pretty reasonable. Good luck!

cubbeezx says:

Yes, that and the Arctic Cat are both basically the same as the Suzuki. I actually sold the bike so I am not running any oil right now! lol Can’t remember what I had used when I restored it.

lockyer1996 says:

i got the kfx 400 basically same bike its great just the coolant is in a real bitchy spot to fill , what kind of oil are ya useing ?

cubbeezx says:

@EvansAutoShop lol! Ya, so far we have had really good luck since we have fixed up our old hondas. They must have made them pretty tough back then!

cubbeezx says:

@EvansAutoShop Thanks, ya I will sub back. The suzuki was a fun bike, but we wanted something with 4 wheel drive!

cubbeezx says:

They seem to be pretty good bikes?

AkimboSliceNation says:

I have a 06 LT-Z400 and love it so much

cubbeezx says:

lol! I don’t know, I guess you just pick things up over the years from fixing them? That must mean I have had quite a few beaters! lol

lts45 says:

where did you learn how to rebuild atvs

cubbeezx says:

lol! Ya no kidding. Thanks!

CopeCowboy0267 says:

thank you for rescuing this machine from the previous owners.. anybody that welds washers onto the A-arms doesnt deserve to own a quad lol.. great work it looked like a whole new quad when you finished it

cubbeezx says:

Thanks! I am glad that you got the urge and are going to get at that KFX! They are really great bikes, only reason we got rid of it was to get a 4×4 quad. You should post some videos of your bike so I can check it out.

asimonson08 says:

nice job I have a 2003 kfx 400 that im gonna fix up as well. your video has motivated and made me remember how nice this quad was when it was new. thanks for sharing.

cubbeezx says:

Thanks alot! I think it looked better with the fenders also. It did turn out pretty good. I would of kept it, but I wanted a 4×4 quad.

Drfat4 says:

Beautiful bike afterwords! I think when people cut the fenders on stuff, they look kinna stupid, so it looks amazing to me afterwards!

cubbeezx says:


motorecyclers says:

Nice Video!!! Glad we could help with your build. Let us know if you need anymore parts.

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