2011-2016 Jeep Wrangler Factory OEM Radio Options – Plug & Play! Removal & Installation

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Here we are providing you with a step by step radio installation video for the 2011-2016 Jeep Wrangler. This includes the disassembly of the dash and explaining all the factory OEM radio models…


Derek H says:

How about adding a backup camera to your 2012 rubicon with a 430n. Where do
you get the wire harness for plug & play installation. And why does it have
to be programmed ( flashed ) by the dealer. PS: My 430n has sat radio,blue
tooth and garmin.

Bobby S says:

I have a 2013 jeep wrangler unlimited sport with uconnect and Sirius but
want the 730RHR. Do I need to add the GPS antenna? Thanks for the video I
didn’t know there was so many units to choose from. Also is the myGig
needed or just an option? This would be nice for my daughter so that she
can watch movies on trips. I want the MyGig allgig lock pick to go with
everything. As soon as I can save up the money of course lol.

will cannon says:

Hi I have a 2010 jK sport with no sat or ut on it its the most basic radio
jeep makes, I want to buy a 2014 model off of craigslist. The 2014 one has
sat and ut. Will it work in my jeep? Eventually I plan on buying the sat
antenna and the ut antenna also. But my question is until I get those plug
ups will the CD player, and radio work from day one or does it have to be
flashed before it will work? Or do I have to install it and drive to the
dealer to get it flashed? Any help would be great! I need it!!! Thanks

Tayla Trejo says:

I’ m just freaking about how he’s getting 260 miles at half a tank! I
barely get 140! lol

Abner Lopez says:

hi i have a 2012 jk that came with none touch screen radio but did have
bluetooth and sirius radio ,i bought a uconnect on ebay witch was plug and
play but later i found out it didn’t have integrated bluetooth on the
uconnect i purchased on eBay is there anyway it can still be fixed to were
it shows jeep when i turn it on not Chrysler

reverendspence says:

You mention something about 11+ having antennas that are dual-antennas,
accepting Sirius and GPS signals. How would you know if you DON’T have one?
I have a ’15 Wrangler with the 130n.

Iggy Focker says:

I have 2013 jkus with uconnect and after hours of research and reading up I
confused myself. Now I watched your video, and in 20 minutes you installed
every single unit out. Thanks for the help!! Very helpful video!! I
purchased a 430n rhb locally and thought I purchased something useless. 

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