AEM Red Cold Air Intake – Subaru STI 2015 Install/Review

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Adam Quigley says:

Could you guys do a install video for the 2015 wrx?

EAteearsehole says:

Why waste money on an intake. It’s not cold air, just a marketing term,
along with laminar or proper air flow. All marketing bullshit. It’s 500
dollars pipe and filter for so little gain less then 5whp….

Try thermal management aka turbo blanket or heat wraps, Any engine working
or doing it thing, would be turbo spooling during wot.

And the bov. Man this is. Marketed towards, Less intelligent. People.

Sebastian Reyes says:

Do you need to build the engine to support a bigger turbo ? 

fa1024 says:

I am confused on how to install this what do u do with that long straight
plastic pipe that connects to the intake hose 

Joyce Fuica says:

Sucks you can’t drive when it rains since the intake face down

Christopher Saylor says:

If you had this intake on a otherwise stock 2015 STI with NO tune would it
be safe? As in probably not going to damage anything?

In other words if I instal this thing and drive the car for awhile until I
get a tune I shouldn’t damage anything, correct? Just want your opinion,

Chandler Braaten says:

I love Rick’s enthusiasm in every single video. You’re the man Rick. Keep
the videos coming. 

Lui Tuck Yew says:

Lol. Proper air flow. U meant “laminar” air flow

EG310SG says:

pretty sure i saw you on my way to work driving around filming this video
lol. keep us posted on the build!

chinkysti2006 says:

Was the air filter already on under the heat shield when you put it in the

rolllasan says:

does this Intake come with Carb sticker ?

Huma Ahmad says:

I’m confused about the install. i don’t no what to do with that long pipe
thats connected to the intake tube 

fa1024 says:

Can I use the cobb ap with this aem intake and what map do I use to flash 

Oscar Sanchez says:

What’s the piping size on this intake ?

varitoo11 says:

how much extra power give?

Behzad Hussain says:

Dude, you gotta put up proper driving footage. Stop teasing. 

Near VII says:

Goddamn I want an sti soo bad. 


Could I use the cobb map for their intake on this instead of getting it

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