Amplified Injector & Coil Magnetic Detector

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Amplified Injector & Coil Magnetic Detector Get the BOOK Here… NOTE: Part are available from Jameco, Mouser & Digi-Key, with part numbers and details of construction available inside our publication (book & DVD) for this series. The Amplified Injector Coil Magnetic Detector is a unique gadget. It is capable of detecting the magnetic signature of ignition coils, injectors, as well as many other types of devices that draw current. It can even detect the magnetic field from a magnetic crank or CAM sensor, without any physical connection to it. How is this possible? Well, simply put, all electrical devices do put out a magnetic signature or field, which is detected by the Amplified Injector Coil Magnetic Detector probe, actually a simple inductor coil, and amplified by the circuit. The Amplified Injector Coil Magnetic Detector is meant to be used with an oscilloscope or graphing multi meter, where it is then plotted into a waveform for measurements. As with our other gadget of the same nature, the Injector Coil Magnetic Detector, you can also encase the Amplified Injector Coil Magnetic Detector in a PCV enclosure and a clear body of a pen for the probe. This simple gadget is built into a universal printed circuit board found at any electronics parts place for a few cents. Here’s how the circuit operates. The probe tip is composed of an inductor or coil of 1 milli … Get the whole story right here in this video… Enjoy… Amazon Printed-Books & Kindle


ADPTraining says:

Once the series wraps up, you’ll be able to get part numbers and detailed diagrams on how to build these gadget with the series book. It’ll show you all the details needed…Thanks for posting.

modeltmaniac says:

Could post the part number for the inductor you used for this project?

ADPTraining says:

Thanks, this series will be developed into thirty something videos. All on MYODE or make your own diagnostic equipment. Thanks again.

ChilloGaming says:

Okay, well thanks for awnsering my question.
Amazing tutorial you make, keep it up! 😉

ADPTraining says:

No, human beings are not good at processing fast moving digital numbers. Besides the usefulness of this tool is to view the waveform, which is a value read over time. What you want is the waveform, and you want it while disassembling as little as possible. There’s no disassembly required with this tool. Hope that helps. Thanks for posting.

ChilloGaming says:

Is it possible to operate this tool with a normal multimeter?
I am not in possession of a oscilloscope multimeter.

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