Audi a4/vw passat Tiptronic Repair

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Shelton 27 says:

Great man ! thx, I have the exact same problem on my A6 B5 2.4, automatic
works perfectly but when I slide to tip mode, nothing happens.. Going to
try this !

Miguel Morales says:

Bro awesome video realy healpful. Have same problem my car audi a6 2.8 2000
but the only audi a6 in the junkyard is a a6 3.0 2000 and a6 2.8 2002 buy
the pice inthe jy? Or not? Hope u can answer me c:

hacatan24 says:

Thanks for video man….soo easy to do once I saw ur video…

daytrades4me says:

Your the best !!! Your tutorial helped me fix the same problem on my 2001
Audi A6 4.2 Quattro !!! You make YouTube great !

radell yap says:

I same problem, can i use any magnet?

Simao M says:

pls next time get somebody to film for you.

Chris Whiteman says:

What a helpful guy, I think this may just help me repair my 2.5 tdi v6 a6
on a 2000 plate. It engages into tiptronic, but doesn’t shift UP, but DOES
shift down. 

schwantz3434 says:

nice one matey….great tutorial.
my 2.5tdi 98 has the prnds all lit up in the red…..telling me she’s not
in drive she’s ok,pulls well through all gears…..but when selecting
tiptronic nothing happens… i will try your fix……thanks

Barry Parker says:

I have a 2002 a4 Quattro I recently bought. When I slide it over to tip
mode nothing happens. My display only shows PRND but it does not show what
gear I am in. 

Chicago_G3 says:

One of the worst videos I have ever seen on Youtube. Data good, production
horrible. Are you trying to make us sick? WTF is with the liquid-like video
quality and floating text bars? Dude, this really sucks.

Adrian Skiba says:

why you need to have this magnet at the first place?

Yaw Agyei says:

too helpful. Thanks a lot

tomas says:

Hi, what if the magnets are ok but car won’t go into gear? any idea what
the problem might be?

Vegas4Life says:

u need a tripod. i got dizzy 

Simao M says:

hi guys, need some help, first of all lt me thank noob mechanic for the
video, now, i got an audi a4 auto 2l fsi, yes i been having the same
problem with the tiptronic, it works when it feel like it, reverse light
not working checked the bulbs all fine, also i need the location of the
gearbox ecu, i suspect its on its way, some time i loose drive, when it
happens i have to switch the engine off and start the car again, last thing
on motorway i cant get the car to drive straight, keeps pulling to the
left, can anyone help? 

dave english says:

Hi thanks for the video. My A4 2.5 TDI Estate auto would not work in tip
mode. The circuit board under the shift rubber had been contaminated with a
spilt drink or something. Cost me for a new board £80 as I remember. Really
quick car, but not very economical for a diesel. 

Art Vandaleh says:

hehe, good job man. Looks like one of those low budget scary movies 😉 But
you fixed the problem. I too have the same A4 with the same issue. Audi
should’ve conducted a recall for this common problem. Will have to fix mine
as well. Thanks for posting.

valdo linux says:

hi noob mechanic i have the same problem but is a jetta 1.8t 2003, this
tutoruial will help me or is diferent for jetta.


Pit Lane Boxes says:

Buen video !!

Susie Grouse says:

does it just need the magnet/ ? what if it already has magnets?

Noob Mechanic says:

This should work for your 2001 Audi or VW. Make sure it looks similar. If
it looks completely different you might want to look online for a tutorial
online and just use my video as a reference.

Venezia1110 says:

Go Timbers Tiptronic Army Audi! Nice! While you have the plate off, you can
also pop the plastic indicator lens piece out of the ovals (heat it with
hair dryer to release) and take some sandpaper to that pitted chrome for
the “brushed” look. Not my fave look, but super easy improvement over the
dinged up chrome. Mine could use re-brushing almost 3 years later, but you
can see it in my cruddy tiptronic fluid change vid.

Mike Grove says:

will this tutorial work for a 2001?

Константин Илиев says:

next video: fixing fis display 😛

David Bennett says:

Thanks for posting this!!

bustfer07 says:

thanks a lot buddy it really helped out

Noob Mechanic says:

No problem glad it helped!

Aaron vella whelan says:

my 4 clips broke : (

Noob Mechanic says:

haha yeah, if only it was as easy as fixing the tiptronic 🙂

Noob Mechanic says:

hmmm yours must have been really brittle. However, I think it shouldn’t bee
too much of an issue considering it is covered. Maybe you can put a dab of
super glue where each clip was that way it wont move around, but will still
be removable.

Pusha J says:

Where can I find my throttle body im my audi

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