BMW 3 Series (E46) Front Wishbone/Control Arm Replacement

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Replacing a front wishbone or control arm on a BMW 3 series E46. A 2001 BMW 320 in this video. To ask questions about this job and get news about upcoming videos, join us over at …


alanstrainor says:

Thanks very much for this. Didn’t realise it was such a simple job. I’ll
give this a go in the coming months! Cheers!

K9 says:

Hi there, when I put gear one my car will shake a lot, I have change all
front Front Wishbone kit, also Anti Roll Bar Stabilizer Rubber Mountings
,but still same :(( could you tell me whats wrong with it ,and what alse I
should change? I heat this shake, like as wheel will come off, nice to hear
you Tak

craigster m says:

You will see on the driver side that you cannot reach the middle ball joint
nut due to the engine mount being in the way. However you can go through
the engine compartment with a ratchet, extension and universal. comes out
very easy.

Liam Davis says:

Please please do some more videos. They are very usefull and the commentary
is awsome. Keep uploading!!!

IamKuffarFalseFlagMe says:

Thanks for doing this vid, i have been umming n arring about doing it
myself for a few months now, your simple clear instructions have made my
mind up to do it.. cheers ;o)

Alik Ozdahl says:

Will try to use this DIY to change the left one on my car, hope it goes as
well as you showd it to us. Thanks!

Gamer9294 says:

Hi man, many thanks to you!
was very helpful, i have exactly the same car, color too ;)

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