BMW E46 Cruise control and steering wheel retrofit DIY

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BMW E46 DIY Retrofit steering wheel with cruise control (MFL) M47N (M47TU) 2004 320d 56 pin connector (new upgrade version) facelift I wanted to share this video with all you who wants to retrofit a stearing wheel with cruise control. Follow the steps and you should be able to DIY. This Video does not not cover M47 and engines before 2001/9. The plug in the DDE is a 40 pin on those models. You need a lot of tools for this job, but most are common to a DIY man/woman 🙂


Sandor Horvath says:

ha ki vennéd a kulcsot. a kormányzár segítene és nem kellene ennyire erölkődni


My daily driver is E46 328i and E30 325 weekends. 328i is more responsive with Signature Motoring performance (CAI) intake kit. Installed it myself in under half hour. HP increase on the E46 is about 13.5HP for a cost of $170 or around $17 per HP gain. Best 1st performance mod to do. Other application data:

E30 series: 6.0-13.4hp gain
E36 series: 5.5-12hp gain
E46 series: 6.0-13.9hp gain
E92 series: 8.5+ hp gain
Z3/Z4 (all): 5.5-13.9hp gain

See my channel for driving action videos!

mondeo984 says:

Search on google for the BMW installation manual and combine it with my DIY video and you should be fine. You should only double check for the right cable colors in the manual, the rest you can see in my video.

mondeo984 says:

You will have to check with the installation manual from BMW. I’m affraid your car is build without the right throttle body ect.

mondeo984 says:

Yes I’m danish 🙂

Eduardo Carvalho says:

and is that steps work on 323i e46 1999 ?????

teebeaubobo says:

Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe you’re Danish. Congratulations on this very detailled tutorial!

sumol1986 says:

bought a cruise control for my bmw 320d e46 compact 2002 but like most of perceiving the color of the wires and where I will connect both the ECU and in command of the lights could help me?

reply to my mail and

thank you

bruno silva

vickk1123 says:

Nope. 316 and 318 cannot have it so simple. As mondeo984 says, you need a throttle body etc… Only models from 320 up are Cruise control ready.

Nasser Alzaidi says:

I have a question?When closed car remote control signal lights do not operate – I hope to help – and my car is a BMW 328 – 1998

mondeo984 says:

I use the following words in my search on google to get the installation manual.
“bmw e46 mfl retrofit pdf”

Im not sure, but it seems like you can only install it models from 2001 to 2005 E46.
If you have an older model you would probably need a new throttle body also. At
least for the gas engines. For diesel engines from 1998 to 2000 it might work, im not sure.

Mangaiah Garikapati says:

just now found that i have a M44 engine and now confused again (but i see the cruise control placeholder in my dash) 🙁 please help

Mangaiah Garikapati says:

got the link to a PDF using tag words from your other comments. looks like this should work for my 1998 e46 as well. but please confirm if you have any info so that i can safely start the modding… thx

Mangaiah Garikapati says:

new to BMW… tried using google but couldnt get much info, so asking here. will i be able to apply this mod on my 1998 318i E46 ? thx

exmartin says:

Sehr schöne Arbeit. Werde das bei mir gegen Weihnachten auch umrüsten =)

mondeo984 says:

Yes the pin 37 is empty. So if yours isn’t better double check if you have found the right pin in the connector. The pin is only with cable in E46’s with installed cruise control.

Pin numbers can be seen on the buttom part of the black plastic connector

mondeo984 says:

I think yes, but please check with BMW installation manual, can be found million place using google

Bahaa Atef says:

and is that steps work on e46 2004 n45b16a engine ??????

Bahaa Atef says:

wow thats so easy to do in my car .. but .. about that part when u connect the blue wire to the white wire in the pin 37 in the 58 connector ……….is the pin37 empty ?? is that white wire exist and you cut it ? or.. u just connect that wire to the empty 37 pin in connector ???

Nightfly1957 says:

Ist doch normal. Denke es wird Zeit im Web mal wieder wie Menschen miteinander zu reden. Durch die Anonymität lese ich hier Dinge, die eher von Idioten als von Menschen stammen. Nutze das Web seit ca. 1992, da gab es “gopher”, keinen Browser. Und der Umgangston war sehr freundlich. Leider kommt man nun so einfach online. Dewegen halt die vielen Spinner, die hier den Frust an den Mitmenschen ablassen. Wünsche Dir für die Zukunft Alles Gute und möge sich erfüllen, was Du Dir wünscht ! Norbert

Nightfly1957 says:


mondeo984 says:

Danke fur die netten Worte 🙂

mondeo984 says:

Yes. That was my first change.
I think with this video as help you can manage it in 1-2 hours.

Just make sure you get the official BMW pdf manual for this job.
Can be found using Google. You need to know exactly which wires to cut

Androandroandrica says:

its simple once you get it right?

Nightfly1957 says:

Super Arbeit ! Arbeite bei BMW wir machen das auch nicht besser. Very good Job, i am working at BMW and we do it not better.
Many Greetings from Germany and i wish everybody a nice day. Please excuse my bad English.

TheChatrouletters says:

DIY Cruise Control = A rock …

mondeo984 says:

Actually I went to school for auto mechanic many years ago, but chose something different later in my life 🙂
Still haven’t forgotten the basics about cars


The E46 looks much more robust than the E36 IMHO. I would put in the Signature Motoring performance intake kit for only around $150 and gain up to 13HP on the stock output for the 330i and a bit less for the 325 and 328. I highly recommend this item, see my youtube channel for the action video on it.

-Installs in round 45min.
-Guaranteed HP increase
-Induction sound to die for
-Awesome fit/finish.

See my video of how it sounds AND performs!

aram442 says:

I dont have an BMW..I dont even have a car. I just watched this video randomly and your like a pro man..

BMWPOWERization says:

I love my 328i. Only mod is a Signature Motoring performance intake kit. They run around $170 and add up to 9HP in the E46 323/325/328 and up to 13.9HP in the 330. That’s about $17/per extra HP… A good value for the extra oomph. General HP increases are shown:

E30 series: 6.0-13.4hp gain
E36 series: 5.5-12hp gain
E46 series: 6.0-13.9hp gain
E92 series: 8.5+ hp gain
Z3/Z4 (all): 5.5-13.9hp gain

See my channel videos for action!

andre ventura says:

very good 🙂
how white light gets in quadrant?

Ali Talla says:

maaaaaan ur expert

TheHell666yeah says:

Great job ;)

BmwE39tds says:

Thnx a lot I’ll check that.I just finished wiring an Amp and sub its louder than I thought 🙂
My next task is to do a Interior&Exteriot door handle illumination.

gregory891 says:

Naturally you need a multifunction wheel with a single stage air bag.

gregory891 says:

Yes you can retrofit cruise control. The EBA instructions are the part number I posted. Check your green connector to see if you need to add the wiring harness like in this video. If so, the harness is 62 12 0 022 875.

gregory891 says:

Nice video, shows all you need to know and takes out the fear factor. VERY similar process and additional harness for the E39 and E53. For the E39, you want to read the BMW instructions – 01 29 0 026 285. For the E53, the instructions are 01 29 0 021 491. With this and the E46 video, you can do it. It’s on my list for my E53 to add an M Technic steering wheel and to have cruise control as well.

Bojackal says:


Is it the same installation on a 2002 318Ci ? The part I need for cruise control has the number 61120016012 : you can buy it from anywhere ?

I’m thinking about doing it thanks to your great video :p

molliarti says:

Put the steering lock to tighten screw and desaflojar jejejejje;)
good work!!

Dejan Kostadinovski says:

And thanks 4 great vid ! 🙂

Dejan Kostadinovski says:

Add to favorites …! 

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