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Fixing the pull rope on a Honda trx 125, but many recoils are the same on smaller engines. These are the basics to repairing or replacing most rope and spring problems.

This short compressed video clip shows how to test the throttle position sensor on a 5.0L Ford engine with EEC 4 electronics. Test include the TPS signal, reference voltage, signal return and explains how the sensor operates. This is just a scene from a much longer chapter on EEC 4troubleshooting which is one part of […]

When your car shakes while coming to a stop, you need to change your rotors or have them turned. You can learn all kinds of stuff on my youtube channel.


Connect with other riders (all over the world) at: (a Social Networking site for Bikers run BY BIKERS). This is a “stage 1” MOD of the OEM exhaust on a 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom. In this “stage” the cover is removed, the end pipe is sawed off and holes are drilled in the […]

This is a step by step in how to install a radio in a Silverado Follow me on Facebook

PLEASE READ INFO FIRST!!! b4 asking questions. Its a 2005 mini cooper S, i am filipino. The mini has a borla exhaust and alta cold air intake and a 17% reducation pulley. i remade the advanced part to make it shorter and to get rid of that annoying crackling noise in the last one. if […] I know this one does not cover an entire procedure but it just worked out this way. I did however want to show how to remove this type of bearing should you run into it. I didn’t show the installation for 2 reasons on this, first, I just didn’t have the time to shoot […]

Demonstrates how to repair damaged threads with a Heli-Coil brand thread repair insert.

Along with the traction that Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive gives you, Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC), a stability control system, automatically senses steering and braking inputs to help keep the vehicle on the driver’s intended path. The VDC system also includes an all-wheel all-speed traction control system. In stopping situations, the Anti-Lock Braking system (ABS) pulses braking […]

You are out in your fourby with your mates and you hit something. Your looking at your front suspension and notice a torn CV boot. Do you know how to replace a torn boot? Is it an easy job to do?

Skills and Calm or ESP ? Dude has balls of steel. Of Course Russia

Video on how to change the brake pads and rotors on a 2004 GMC Yukon. Changing these parts are also the same for 2001-2006. Also the same setup for Chevrolet vehicles too. Sierra trucks, Yukons, Tahoes, Suburbans, Silverados, ESCALADES. Step by step process. Subscribe here so you will see the next episode: READ MY […]

Some suggestions and tips for people who want to learn to ride a motorcycle or folks who are a little intimidated. 1) Do a course 2) Choose a motorcycle that fits you 3) Join a forum for your motorcycle and always wear all the gear, all the time.

The Soggy Bottom Boyz – Badass by Saliva – March 2011