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Audi’s first big motor sport program in 1981 was based on the quattro permanent four-wheel drive. After numerous championship wins and the banning of four-wheel drive in FIA circuit-based racing series for the 1998 season, a model from Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm with four driven wheels now returns to the race tracks — the Audi R18 […]

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago puts the 2012 Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series to the test and explores what makes it so special. Then he hands off the keys to pro racing driver Randy Pobst to lap around Laguna Seca to see how it holds up at the limit. Ignition appears every Monday on […]

David icke’s The Reptilian Agenda full 6h35min Amazing confirmation that a reptilian extraterrestrial race has controlled the world for thousands of years. David Ickie talks with the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa. In this fantastic interview, Credo Mutwa reveals the story of the reptilian takeover of Planet Earth and how a shape-shifting Reptilian race (the Chitauri […]

Ever wondered how Hydrographics worked? We show you how a Camaro front splitter gets a carbon fiber look. There are tons of different patters that can be used, plus you can put graphics on almost anything from guns to xbox controllers. For more info: http HTC Facebook PDN Facebook: HPD Facebook: […] After the response from the last video I decided to make this one and what it is to actually be a technician. It comes to you in 3 parts because it ran a bit longer than I had anticipated but I’ve broken it up into categories, this one which is kind of an intro, […]

Jethro Bovingdon gets behind the wheel of the new Ferrari F12, but how does it compare to the 599 GTO? For more great car news and reviews, register for evo’s newsletter here: PLUS… Get access to evo’s interactive magazine, voted top 10 best magazine apps, on your ipad here: Subscribe to evo magazine […]

After the tragedy that occurred in my hometown on 12/14/12 I felt I needed to do something. Something to show the rest of the country how beautiful my hometown really is and how strong we are. This video I believe reflects that. I decided not to dwell on the events of that day but to […]

Just How Good Were the Good Ol’ Days? To find out, we’ve gathered three modern high-spec ponycars and matched them with their glory days ancestors. We’re pitting a 2011 Camaro SS against the ’69 Camaro SS396 that inspired its design; a 2011 Challenger SRT8 meets the ’70 Challenger it so faithfully resembles; and a freshly […]

A conversation about the EGR cooler and oil cooler and their role in 6.0L engine damage/meltdown. Also solutions to solve these issues so you will not have these problems.

How do car engines work? What is an internal combustion engine? This video is the perfect introduction into learning about how cars work, starting with the most important part, the engine. Please feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe! And don’t forget to check out my Facebook page: Also check out my official website: […]

NOTICE: PLEASE WATCH ALL THE WAY THROUGH, the main purpose of this video, is in the messege at the end. OTHER NOTICE: Thank you for all your feedback on this video, unfortunately, I still have a hard time keeping up with all of it even with the comments on auto (I still have to review […]

Hurricane Sandy took a devastating toll on many residents of the East Coast. Classic car owners recount how they survived the super storm, how their classic cars fared, and their plans for rebuilding their lives.

A 7 month build in 26 minutes! A MUST SEE! Bolt-on Modifications: K&N filter element / FP Cast aluminum intake tube / Old school FP green turbo / FP turbo oil filter / Greedy electronic boost controller / Apexi FMIC and short route steel hard pipes with Extreme PSI silicon couplers and T-clamps / External […]

Energy Presents: Ken Block Gymkhana Two – The Making Of (Part 2 of 3) The Gymkhana video series took the world by storm, and Gymkhana Two has become one of the “most viewed” viral films of all time. Now go behind the scenes with Ken Block and Mad Media to see how it was done! […]

Boeing 747 — Since its first commercial flight more than thirty years ago, the Boeing 747 has flown more than two billion people a distance greater than 42000 round-trips to the Moon. Fasten your seat belt as GREAT PLANES examines this aviation marvel and the revolution it created in passenger air transport. Learn the roots […]