Replacing Parts

Calgary Furnace Installation | | Call us today (403) 800-8956. Installing your new furnace filter is very easy just make sure you choose the right type. Accu-Temp can help you choose and install the perfect unit for your house in Calgary. – Prime Choice Auto Parts – How to Change Brakes Video

This VideoJug video will take all the guess work out of how to change your engine oil. In this step-by-step video, you will learn how to easily get rid of existing engine oil and replace with new engine oil. Why pay someone else to change your engine oil when you can do it yourself.

In this video, Rene Millman of Absolute Gadget explains how to change your age on Xbox Live. This is particularly useful if you have children and want to set restrictions on the content that they can download, or if you’ve made a mistake when inserting your own age and want to change it.

Nouveau spot de publicité de la nouvelle Dodge Dart. Un spot de 90 secondes qui sera diffusé à partir du 10 juillet 2012 durant la Major League Baseball (MLB) 2012 All-Star Game sur Fox. La Dodge Dart est la première voiture américaine conçue sur la nouvelle plate-forme dérivée de celle de l’Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Retrouvez […]

This video will help you accurately replace a drum brake.

Videojug demonstrates a step-by-step procedure to remove a spark plug and place a new one. Spark plug locations vary from car to car. It also demonstrates the tools as you go into the process of removing and replacing old spark plug.

Videojug aims to teach you to learn how to change the fuel filter of your car by yourself. So, just follow these simple steps and you’ll never have to ask or pay other people to change your fuel filter!

An easy way for injection pump removal. Changing everything that can leak on the injector system. Also a test drive.

The most definitive film and TV car crash mix on YouTube is back with this latest compilation, marking the first instalment in 4 years since Car Crash Mix III. Please note that this is the original source of this video, so please notify me if you see any duplicates as this has happened before in […]

Its back, after many requests and a repaired PC. Music: NENA – Irgendwie, irgendwo, irgendwann. I had this clip uploaded a few years ago but with different music. I was forced to remove it because of copyright issues with that. . =)

Recipe to make a Tuthill 911 historic rally car: Take one donor shell, add 3.5 liter motor, extract 365hp. Remove weight to 1000kg, add dog-gearbox. Then have as much fun as you can in a car.

A treasure-trove of VW goodness! Shows the Wolfsburg factory line where the Mk2s were assembled, explains improvements over the MK1 Rabbit such as aerodynamics and engine mounts, and goes over some service info like removing the headliner, radiator and condenser, fuel level sender and CIS transfer pump, drip moldings, and adjusting the door gaps. I […]

Part 2: MX-5 Coilovers are straight forward and easy to fit. We’ve put together a comprehensive step by step DIY video guide about how to remove, prepare and fit HSD Coilovers to our own member of staff James’ personal lightly rusty MX-5! This is part one of two. In this part we look at […]