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DC and Ken Block present Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco. Shot on the actual streets of San Francisco, California, GYM5 features a focus on fast, raw and precise driving action. Filmed over four days, director Ben Conrad and his team are back to work on their second Gymkhana production and delivered the entire city of San Francisco as Ken Block’s personal gymkhana playground. DC Shoes also provided fellow DC athlete and longtime Ken Block friend, Travis Pastrana, to make a cameo appearance on his dirtbike, and SF resident Jake Phelps of Thrasher Magazine fame also makes a cameo as Block hoons SF in his most incredible Gymkhana yet. For more information check us out at www.dcshoes.com


John Doe says:

Its not drifting its power-sliding

Margarate Watanabe says:

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MNFXProductions says:

if only he had a batmobile

bogdy007 says:

that’s a very unhappy car!

epicapple28 says:

I find my self TRYING to do this in gta lol.

Karefva says:

*-* ♥

RapidRAMPAGE245 says:

ffs please don’t put 1 clip into 4-6 different camera angels its so annoying 1-2 are fine but 4-6 is just to much

Asen Georgiev says:


ballsonchin4you says:

Did he died?

Hakan Tuzcu says:


WhyLoveLetsFight says:

is he drifting with a AWD?

adamsr101 says:

How come no ones outside?

Stefanwouldyou says:

wish ford would do a rear wheel drive coup of the fiesta.

luckylife6 says:

I just agreed with you, I wasn’t been sarcastic, i was admiting my mistake. Go fuck yourself and stop making wrong assumptions

monkeycross15 says:

before there are no more tires there is no more gas…


Pastrana and Block in the SAME DC VIDEO?!? WHAT IS THIS TOMFOOLERY!?!?

TheJeepWheeler says:

GOPRO GOT HIT AT 3:35. See it tumbling?

Thats GoPro Tough!!!

Christopher Ovrebo says:

The fact that the barriers aren’t packed with people watching just proves that SF is filled with homo’s

rockstar123597 says:


MrEflox says:

Check out my video :

Drifting with McDonald trays ! /watch?v=R-upFxniXnY

Michele Palmieri says:

These things can happen only in USA !!! :-) WOW !!!

misterbodge says:

been thinking how to reply to your comment then thought of an easy reply…..you’re a douchebag

edo sina says:

E’ UNA FIGATA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MrMzbhvn2 says:

Well if someone was willing to give me a high powered car and a couple sets of rubber to destroy then I would certainly drift to my hearts content. Just saying if were all in this attempting this sport we would use up rubber as a resource fairly quick.

chris83achilles says:

ken block is a tezuka tsuyoshi wana be try hard! Drift a real car mate not a pregnant rice bubble front wheel drive piece of shit fucked on race day f.o.r.d! get a jap spec ricer not ya mums hatch back! fucking yankee cockhead cunt!

opmk1ll3r says:

I’d like to see you try it with your superhuman driving skills.

Tim Kidane says:

go away

Lino Yago Martinez says:


TViPx says:

I didn’t say the cameras we’re filming, they could’ve taken a picture.
Google Bullet-Time from the matrix.
Now go away…

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