Fifth Gear’s Gadget Car II

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When Fifth Gear wanted to outfit a vehicle with all the latest hi-tech gadgets, they turned to Connect2Car’s MFC System to control various electrical functions on the vehicle with a cell phone via Bluetooth wireless technology!

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JudoKilli says:

If you’re going to tell people how to write English correctly, at least get it right yourself.

Instead of “on my opinion i think its awesome” , you should have written “In my opinion I think it’s awesome”. Also, try using capital letters and punctuation.

Sinxseal says:

Opinion*… Idiot

goldfish6204 says:

BMW is a european manufacturer lexus is japanese, you’re retarded.

Spaceghost272 says:

That is kinda lame JZZ31. It seems as though europeans think they have the best cars. Every country has their own weaknesses and strengths when it comes to automobiles. Example: Lexus vs. BMW, Lexus tend to have reliabilty advantages over BMW, but BMW on the other hand have proven themselves to handle better and be faster*

JZZ31 says:

Pretty lame I must say. Stock LS400 has pleanty of features. No need for their stupid and not even funny crap!

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