Ford Lower Power Steering Hose Replace

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The DPP F150 blew a lower high pressure power steering hose.


imjustpassinthru says:

Where does that yellow plug go exactly, into the connection to the power steering pump? Is it the same location as the line fitting he’s talking about that he says is usually seized and would be better to cut off and put a socket on? That’s the line going into the power steering pump, isn’t it? Is that where you put the yellow plug? I’m confused because it looks like he took the line off from under the car but he’s showing the plug location from up above.

panchomurillo1 says:

Did u pull that truck out of a river or why in carnations its so darn tootin dirty???

SuperFlukeBassin says:

so down where the PS hose bolts into the rack, is it better to cut the metal line and just socket it off? or were you talking about where the hose bolts into the PS pump?

billyjack1235 says:

Thanks for making the video looks easy enough now I know what the yellow cap is for. How do you cut the line off?

Dualshock21 says:

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Chaijon1670 says:

at 5:36 is that his oil filter? Lol

TheSurfrack says:

pain in the dink!

37474748 says:

@waltermarines89 remove the alarm system thats stock?

37474748 says:

ive learned the best way is to cut the line then use an long socket on that. its by far the fastest way and does the best job 🙂

ghtowagon says:

Really shouldn’t use Transmission fluid for power steering. Use Power steering fluid. Its similar, But the transmission fluid has friction modifiers that the Power steering system does not need.

ThundareRed says:

..that would be you driving on salty roads. 

TheRudeClown says:

Everyone knows about it already! Give it a rest

MrNonzerogrunt says:

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therockkkkher says:

thankz buddy !!! using hydraulic line is a sik idea, did it last ??

Bill Tom says:

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kowyn2 says:

that and it was all I had that would work

4Skyline05 says:

Is it me? Or are fords salty? I had the same thing happen to me under the truck. It was salty

mrbobsshow says:

Thats a great way to rate the difficulity of a job! ahhhh thats a 2 beer job OOOOHHHH that’ll cost ya a 12 pack.

towrecker says:

yummy eh?

seapeddler says:

Why would Ford make a steering rack that needs hydraulic assist?
Izzn’t there a simpler way?

twocvbloke says:

Imagine that, a ford that needs repairing… 😛

BEEP338 says:

Hi! You need to use the manufacture’s recommended fluids. Dextron will do severe damage to some vehicle’s hydraulic systems. If you use American Dot 3 or 4 brake fluid in an English vehicle, you will will probably destroy every brake seal on the vehicle. That may cost you over $1,000 for your mistake. The same goes with Dextron in some vehicles. Transmissions can be very expensive if you put the wrong fluid in it. Check the owner’s manual. Thanks! Jack

atvman34 says:


johnson200gw says:

@iggy151 @ not at that makes it
foard lol good one

iggy151 says:

Fucked Over at Rick and Daves.

johnson200gw says:

BUILT FORD JUNK!!! ha ha ha h ha ah ahahha

rubypuppy7 says:

damn fords :P

cheeseburgercaveman says:

try changing one on a kia sportage Rick, Pain in Da ASS!

cheeseburgercaveman says:

try changing one on a kia sportage Rick, Pain in Da ASS!

uhfnutbar1 says:

what wrong with the for fucus

uhfnutbar1 says:

lol rust eater

619rey2643 says:

there was a lot of that what she said moments in that 😛

bassboy923 says:

NO!! not the DPP lol

Briggsmaster says:

y does it make you feel good about yourself or what?

rocky113080 says:

60 % of all Fords can still be found on the road today, Unfortunelty they are on the side of the road found dead.

Brainiac83 says:

Theres alot of Parts Replacing FORD films to be made.God knows why  some people like these cars.

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