Garrett by Honeywell Turbo replacement guidelines for PSA DV6TED4 Engine

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This video shows the correct Turbocharger replacement process on a PSA DV6TED4 1.6 Hdi Engine. This engine is fitted in different popular vehicle applications such as Peugeot 307, Citroen C3,…


Martin Zone says:

Just scrap the car…

renorti1 says:

do all this spend about £1000 {fitted price}, then in about a month do it
all again.DV6 engine always a certainty to fail.

Turbo By Garrett says:
sonosito says:

This is the same engine as the Ford Fiesta 1.6 tdci 90 hp?
It ‘s also need to change the oil pump and the oil suction pipe? Do not
just clean them?
It seems to me a very expensive job because you have to replace many parts
over the turbo, in other videos on youtube tend to reuse certain pieces
like the two metal clamps and just change the oil without changing the oil
pump and suction hose.
Surely yours is a complete work but I wonder if is necessary to change all
of these pieces.

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