Honda How To leaky ac valve replacement

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Even small leaks can drain your ac system a lot of times its a easy fix by replacing the leaky valves. Some wd 40 or even water can tell you if its leaking. Also in this video i tried the Artic…


NETWizzJbirk says:

Why not use a no loss core removal tool?

bcbp14 says:

What was that first can you hooked up? 

Tommy Brown says:

Thanks so MUCH! !! Man autozone told me to get a mechanic lol … I told
them my valve was leaking and shit

Mr Box says:

If my valve is leaking do I just remove the stem and replace or is the
system still full of freon?

mike smith says:

That tool is a valve stem remover tool. You can find them at any bike shop
or bike section in Wal-Mart.
Watch out for mechanics who claim to want to change your O-rings in the A/C
system. The cost could run into $1,500.00. But the reality is that they
only change the valve stem for a few bucks, then recharge the A/C. Job
done in minutes, but your stuck paying them big bucks. I’ve been quoted
that number and new what the problem and price was. Just testing them.
They failed. All of them. 

jkokuna808 says:

lol, there is no subsitute for a vacuum pump bro. your technique doesn’t
remove existing moisture from the system.

respl78n82 says:

How do you replace the low AC pipe on a 96 Honda Civic? It’s the part that
goes into the dash of the car. I can’t find any help on.

Triangles1 says:

It’s advertising that it will get colder faster. Not that it will get
colder. The can clearly reads “colder 50% faster” not “50% colder faster”
as you state.

Armando Hernandez says:

First of all, thanks for the vid! Secondly, like the other viewers, I’d
like to know the name of the tool uoubuse and where can I get it.

chris fettig says:

what valve stem part number did you use? or where did you obtain it from?
great video! 1 of my civic’s vs is leaking and I think I will try
tightening it first maybe…

sam says:

Hey buddy, I have honda odessey 2007. I need to replace leaky high end
valve. Is it the same valve as any tire pressure valve or I need to buy it
at dealership. Thanks

Richard Daley says:

What the name of the tool your using 

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