How to Install an HID Conversion Kit DIY

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This video is installing a HID conversion Kit in my 2006 F150 so I can be “that Guy” you know the person driving around with the bright white lights blinding people….. yeah that’s me perhaps…


Bullshitkorner says:

These are pretty decent, nobody has given me they are fuck off bright yet

nooksolo says:

If you heat the plastic up a little bit with a hair dryer or a heat gun on
low when it’s extremely cold it helps with not breaking due to being
brittle . Works with seals as well 

Christiaan Sidell says:

Great video Jerry, how are the HID’s in the Jeep holding up? 

Redneck Garage says:

Those are the same crappy lights I took off a week ago on my channel for my
nv200. Mine were always brighter on low than high. With the running lights
now you can blind people in the day also lol

Zack Zander says:

Those bulbs are a b—-h to get out of the assembly. Was in the same
position last winter in -20 windchill when I had to replace the bulbs. I
like HIDs but I think one needs to do a retrofit to get the most out of
them. Using HID bulbs in a halogen assembly can blind on-comming traffic
also. Looks good though at night. 6000K is what I would go with too. 

tigershyla says:

Well the mechanical side is swamped but the fab side is super slow I was on
nights and they are cutting out that shift so we are going to days starting
Monday and they are laying off some guys on days to make room for us and if
we don’t get one of the jobs they bid on there will be more layoffs

tigershyla says:

Yes we just do oilfield stuff mainly coil tubing I’m hoping things pick up
again but I’m not really worried as I have 3 tickets to fall back on 

Coolbulbs Coolprojectors says:

Hey guys its Andrew from Coolbulbs please call me at 323-963-4139 if you
have any lighting questions I can probably even help you if you have one of
those cheepo kits from some other guys! You can also email me 

AZ TACO says:

Bah hahaha. I remember the old man getting pissed off when wrenching on
some shit and it was always followed up by a , you dirty cocksucker. Good

tigershyla says:

Hey jerry how’s the job going are you guys slowing down at all yet

SpeedBeagle says:

I wish my fellow motorists loved my HIDs as much as I do. The stock
headlight buckets on my wife’s Avenger make them ridiculously bright
though. Wonder if I can find a projector bucket like previous poster
mentioned? I buy the cheap Chinese shit from DDM. I’ve prolly bought 6 or 7
sets at $40 a pop so far for my bikes and autos and not one has given me a
problem after years of abuse. Thanks for the vids. Keep em comin’

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