How To Install Replace Front Bumper Cover Honda Accord 94-97

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Close 1A Auto shows you how to remove a bumper cover on a 1995 Honda Accord. You need to remove the bumper cover to repair or replace it as well as replace some of the components of in the front end. This procedure is the same for all 1994-97 Accords.


1aauto says:

We’ll keep this request in mind during any repairs in the future that we make to this vehicle. 888-844-3393

XavierHolland says:

Grand am bumper or alero bumper would be nice.

aquateen77723 says:

Great vid. Very precise directions.

0thers1d3 says:

You guys are amazing.

1aauto says:

At this point in time we are working on other videos but we will take this into consideration for a video later on.

heroes91092 says:

Can you do a video removing the grand am bumper?

dgr8zod says:

I’m doing an SRS repair, and replacing the damaged parts on the front end of a 97 Accord. This includes the left headlight assembly and corner marker, as well as the left corner marker, and the bumper skin. Somehow, the factory got those inserts underneath the headlight. I noticed in this vid they were a “deleted” part. I’m supposing I’m going to have to hack at it to get the skin off, then pull both headlights and remove them..

1aauto says:

The car that we shot the video on didn’t have any under the headlight. So we were able to remove the bumper cover first and then the headlights.

sevb3 says:

Hi Mike – There is another Phillips plug under each headlamp that it’s very hard to get a screwdriver on, being so close to the lamp, which you cannot remove without removiing the bumper – which comes first, the bumper, which cannot be removed until you remove the headlamp, or the headlamp, which you cannot remove without removing the bumper? Thanks for your response.


1aauto says:

We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows you how to replace the rear bumper. If you have a Haynes auto repair manual it may tell you how to remove it on your vehicle.

bigsassyster says:

How do you replace the rear for the same year and model?

1aauto says:

You may be able to adjust it up or down by loosening the screws a little bit.

Jay Ricks says:

hey how do you adjust the bumoer, i adjusted my headlights to the road but its a little gap between my headlights and bumper.

1aauto says:

Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Have a great day!

emhood says:

great vid, best vid

1aauto says:

The headlights are different; some of the mounting points may also be different on the bumper cover.


Wats the difference between that car and the 91 accord?

1aauto says:

We currently do not have an auto repair video that shows this repair on that particular car. Some of the mounting methods may be different.

jimbonez719 says:

do u think it will b similar to do on my 92 acura integra ?

1aauto says:

The basics should be similar, but some of the removal process may be different as far as screws and fastening point being in different spots.

1aauto says:

You could try to. On our car in the video there weren’t any screws under the main beams. Some people have them there, some seem to not have any.

1aauto says:

You may want to have an auto body shop take a look at it for you to see if the frame or front clip needs to be straightened out.

bigmacsa says:

I have a 1996 Accord. HOW IN THE WORLD DO I REACH THE SCREWS UNDERNEATH THE HEADLIGHTS? Can I take the headlights off with the bumper still on? In the other video how to replace the headlights, you took the bumper off in order to take off the headlights? But I can’t take the bumper off until I get the headlights out of the way??? I’m so confused!

bigmacsa says:

I need advice on my Accord’s front end! I hit a lady that was cutting through parking lanes. Now my front end is shifted to the left about 2 inches.. also the fenders seem to be shifted out of alignment with the hood about 1-2cm. Headlights seem to be in the correct place. Is that something major? ..or is there some metal parts behind the bumper I can bang back into alignment? (I will still need the front bumper repaired or replaced) I would greatly appreciate help! Trying to resell it soon.

1aauto says:

Yes, admittedly those were not on our car and I did not realize it. I believe you can either get them from underneath or remove the parking lights to get to them.

danielito405 says:

I have a 96 accord, the front bumer has never been taken off, question is; how do u remove the two plastic screws that are directly underneath the headlights? There is two on each side. The car in this video should of had them but it doesnt show. Could u help me? Thx

1aauto says:

You should replace it as it will help to keep the form of the bumper cover.

1aauto says:

The screws that we took out with the Phillips were Honda screws. What you could do is go to your local Honda dealer, and ask the parts counter guy if he can look up what screws you needed. That way you would have all of the correct screws to place the bumper cover back on. They usually aren’t a whole lot of money.

LaSexyBofa says:

What size are the plugs used to hold the bumper in place? I believe you used 5…. The ones you put in on 5:33 and the screws on 6:13…../ I bought a car with no bumper and I dont know what both of these are called…… Thanks!!!!!!!

TheJDMRider says:

hey thank you soo much for this vid, i re painting my car and i needed to know how to take the bumper off.

1aauto says:

HI, thank you for checking out website. We currently do not carry bumpers. You could try Craigs List, or possibly your local salvage yard.

aformofgeorge says:

i lost the bumper to a tree and need to replace it i wen to the site but could’t fine the bumper …my car is Honda Accord 1995 lx can u help me?

carla03139 says:

how do you remove the two screws under each headlight for the bumper?? its more than just 5 screws on top of the bumper

Michael Vadnais says:

How do you remove the bolts under the headlights, on the 95 Accord

hondaslave says:

how did you remove the side of the bumper cover attached to the fender? pull foward and out, pull sideways?…

thelrg86 says:

dont they have screws under the headlight????

1aauto says:

you could try to put some penetrating oil on those screws if they are rusted in place.

asiangunner901 says:

i cant take off my signal light…2:46 bottom right of the headlight.that little part is holding my signal light on and i cant take it off

CHR32191 says:

Did anyone notice the turn signals??  Great video. Took of my integra bumper after I saw this video. Different but helpful

mechanisma22 says:

Thanks for this video. My bumper got partially pulled off by a low curb and my bumper is bent. There’s clips under the headlights that were supposed to hold the bumper on but just got ripped open on mine, but I don’t see them on this video

David B. says:

i had to buy a brand new bumper after my accident…can i get the phillips clips at autoparts or somthing?

1aauto says:

Honestly have not pulled a 1998 so I can’t say for sure but the procedure should be similar.

Lily2Susan says:

Are these instructions the same for a 1998 Accord EX, or relatively the same?

1aauto says:

@mobiledjdennisYou can buy screws and fasteners at a hardware store that will work. See if you can save any of your old ones to compare them to.

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