How To Install Replace Heater AC Blower Motor Chevy Silverado Tahoe Sierra 99-02

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Close 1AAuto shows you how to repair, install, fix, change or replace a broken, weak, noisy or screeching heater and air conditioning fan blower motor. This video is applicable to 1999-2002 GMC Sierra and Yukon and 1999-2002 Chevrolet Silverado and Tahoe models.


1aauto says:

We currently do not have an auto repair video for this particular repair. We’ll keep this request in mind in the event that we need to make this repair in the future.

nowthatscrazy says:

question; do you have any experience with timing chain engines?
im trying to replace head gasket on my ’92 Sierra, and i can’t get the chain back on..
It’s the N9C engine, if that helps.

1aauto says:

You may have a short at the end of the plug. You may want to insect the plug to see if it has melted. Sometimes a faulty blower motor or resistor can cause that plug end to heat up and melt. If this is the cause than you may want to change the blower motor too. Hope this helps you out. 888-844-3393

Matt Harris says:

I’m about to change my heater blower motor on my 2000 silverado tomorrow, but im concerned that it may not be the cause of my problem, see my heat was cutting in and out for about a week, a light kick under the glove box was providing temporary support, but one day i smelt burring plastic, so i put my head under the glove box to inspect the problem and i saw flames shooting out of something down there, i turned my heat off so my truck didnt light up, and i havent had heat sense. any ideas?

kelboswell says:

This does not relate to the ’99 Tahoe. My ’99 is the older body style.

1aauto says:

You’re welcome. Have a great day! 888-844-3393

bholzwarth says:


I just wanted to say thanks for the great video! You made blower motor removal a breeze man.

Keep up the great work!

stanjon7 says:

hey i have a 2000 chevy silverado and i had to replace the blower motor. My motor will not fit back in right and the air coming through the vents is pathetic

1aauto says:

It could be that the blower motor is getting tired. You could also remove the blower motor to see if there’s any debris caught in the blower motor cage that might also be causing this issue. Hope this helps you out. We carry new blower motors on our website 888-844-3393

Chris Abram says:

I have air blowing but it doesn’t blow as powerful as it used to. The AC no longer recycles the inside air which is when it used to blow much harder. I’m assuming that the replacement you show in this video would fix my problem? All air is exterior air, so in the Texas heat I have a little cold air that hardly blows thru the vents and so I end up sucking in all the fumes from every other vehicle around me on the road.

1aauto says:

There could be several different things causing the air not to blow but one of them is the blower motor. Your best bet would be to check to see if you are getting power up to the electrical connection on the motor itself and then go from there.

310juice1 says:

I have a 2007 Tahoe and same thing just stopped blowing air in the front the back still works but won’t blow cold could this be the same problem

1aauto says:

Thank you for watching our 99-02 Silverado blower motor auto repair video on YouTube. We carry new blower motors on our website or you can call our sales line @ 888-844-3393

ArizonaChris96 says:

I’m in the process of replacing my AC Blower motor in a 2000 Silverado

1aauto says:

You may want to check the fuses and the wire going to the fan motor to see if there’s power going to it.

1aauto says:

Thank you for checking out our auto repair videos on YouTube.

Stephen Smith says:

I sure like seeing these before I take my truck in. I’m still under warranty or I’d be doing it. I’m pretty sure I have a fan flopping around in there and it needs to be repaired. Dang plastic parts these days.

HMOJnelda says:

Ok I changed my resistor and put a new pigtail plug in and still no fan for ac or heat on 2005 silverado 1500 4.3 L, so now I am guessing a new fan motor????

Teejay Foley says:

I guess I should have added in that it worked on 1-2-3-4 but not on 5 for a couple of months then when I started it one morning none of the settings would work. Im going to check the fuses tomorrow when I get home from work hopefully its as easy as a 5 dollar fuse thanks.

1aauto says:

I would check the simple things first such as the fuse, and also check the lead to the blower motor to see if there’s power going to it. If there is, then the blower motor may likely be bad. Hope this helps you out.

Teejay Foley says:

Hey I have a 2007 gmc Sierra 4.8 and the blower stopped working all togeather. no hot air or cold air would that be the blower motor itself or the resistor?? Your video’s have saved me alot of money from changing my water pump to belts and pulleys ect thanks any help to check what might be wrong would be great thanks.

1aauto says:

You may want to check any rods or linkage that could be connecting to the selector. It sounds like something could be binding up.

Ben762x51 says:

Good video. I have a 2001 blazer, and the fan selector (as in selecting face, feet, etc) won’t switch. It is stuck on the face setting. the heat, and fan works fine, but I can’t choose any other setting.  Any idea on what this could be/how to fix? Would it be the same problem as you are showing here? Thanks

1aauto says:

You’re welcome. Thanks for checking us out.

Marcuswilliams1128 says:

This is awesome work guys, you saved me 160 bucks. I purchased the blower motor myself instead of buying at the dealer, that alone saved me 100 bucks. I followed the video step by step and saved another 60 buck in labor. So thank you so much guys.

1aauto says:

We carry new ones with free shipping on our website All you need to do is enter in your vehicle information, and the correct ones will come up for you. Hope this helps you out.

SuperNutellaontoast says:

were changing this on my 99 silverado  and what size or what would i ask for when buying a new blower be getting it a a junk yard so please answer

1aauto says:

It could be the blower motor resistor. You may also want to remove the blower motor to see if anything has ended up in the cage that could be slowing it down. Such as leaves or dirt. Hope this helps you out.

Garrett Eddington says:

I have a 2001 Silverado, it blows cold air, however the 1 & 2 settings are very very low, and 3 and 4 are very similar, and 5 I would like it to blow out a lot more air. Would my problem be my fan? I feel like it should be blowing out more air than it is. I have changed the filter before several times, yet still no significant change.

1aauto says:

You may want to have someone check it for you to see if the refrigerant level is up and not empty. It may need to be charged.

crosstalk125 says:

Great video. I have a 98 Chrysler concorde. The AC doesnt work in summer. But for winter the heating works great. I actually have to change actuator for heating to work again. Any guess on what is causing the AC not work. The air out of the fan is very hot in summer.
Thanks in advance!!!

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