How To Pack Wheel Bearings

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Wheel bearings being packed by hand


BriggsMower says:

1 day

jo300hn says:

Hey love, just hold the camera still and your mouth closed

Scotty J says:

Well said, some of the people should not be putting videos up, they think just smearing grease everywhere is how to do it and they are teaching that to people! Thanks Roland for taking the time to do the video the right way!!!

Roland Caston says:

It’s a ’96 model. I believe Dodge changed to sealed hub in ’97.

xhenchmanx says:

Is this on a 2wd Generation 1 Dodge Dakota? I just turned the rotars and replaced brake pads on mine, re-packed the bearings and put it back. Drives like new.

brendonk01 says:

I have that same grease

rompinredneck says:

Haha so true bout the grease. I got at least 3 open tubs of wheel bearing grease in my garage.

greginterrupted says:

Wow, I am ampressed man. At the superior technical knowledge, the southern drawl, and the expert commentary:
W:Now how are you going to get that off your hands?
M:Now, don’t you worry about that yet.

Altered State

Harmonlisa says:

Very nice. It seems that I was not tightening the nut enough. I tried it your way and it is fixed properly. Thanks….

tse82 says:

is it just me or does he sound like cal naughton jr from talladega nights?

1wicked2008 says:

thanks just the video i was looking for the right way

Roland Caston says:

I guess I could but this method is quick.

brettknoss says:

if it works you could put a grease nipple on a syringe needle and you would have an attachment for your grease gun.

kisscatman says:

Just did my 87 chrysler 5th ave today. Just wanted to make sure I did it properly as the Haynes manual said. Looks like I’m OK!! TY

Daminion1000 says:

Very helpful video, I did my front bearings on my dodge ram and it was just as easy as in the video and felt confident doing this although I am not a mechanic. Everything took me about an hour and saved a ton in labor at the local shop. Thank you

skaaltel says:

great vid. thanks for uploading

laskt9 says:

the person holding the camera is more concerned about the mess. excellent video. thanks

ultrachasersfan says:

Excellent video, takes a lot of the guess work out of the job.

DanLujan says:

How did mom like the lotion???/

Paul McDuell says:

I’ve done a lot of wheel bearings and brakes too over the years. I love youtube, I’ve been packing the grease the hard way. My only suggestion for you would be to invest in a box of gloves. I stated using them 20 years ago. If was hard to get used to them at first, but now I won’t work on anything dirty without them. Saves time, and if you change them frequently, you have a fresh hand to keep your critical parts clean. Great video, some said it was your daughter, but I am guessing son.

sherriberri58 says:

Your video was all over the place. I could hear him talking but the when he would say for example, “now do it like this” the camera was moving around focused on something else all the time. I tried to follow his voice, but the point of watching this video was to be able to see it! hence, a video. Not trying to mean, but I was quite disappointed. Thanks for the attempt ,

Roland Caston says:


Ryan C says:

Great Video, Thanks !

Roland Caston says:

I believe your procedure is just fine.

loop1612 says:

Good job! I replaced the steering bearings of my motorcycle and they are very similar to wheel bearings but they work to very low speed. For packing the grease inside of the cage, i use a syringe but i did not with you, do you think that my bearings can ruin? Or my procedure is equally valid?
Thank you very much and escuse me for my english

Grannyhauenstein says:

Thanks for the info, but not to pick on your daughter, but the camera work was shakey at times and hard to see what you were doing.

Dan Lapone says:

LOL I love the woman’s commentary

WannaBEEfarmer says:

Nice Job.
Glad I found your video. Now I don’t have to make one.
Thats the way my dad taught me.

glen craig says:

very good video nice work

glen craig says:

very good video nice work

scatpack440 says:

Check a manual, you need to grease your wheel bearings, the axle seal is inside the axle housing to stop the oil from going into your brakes. The bearings need to be greased.

George Dochstader says:

its time to pack the wheel bearings…

70076NUD says:

I am doing my Mazda B2200 today. I like the way you took your time with this video.  I was able to follow along. I so thank you for this. In my book you are a smart fellow.Others try to be too slick (hehheh)(grease pun) but aren’t as good as this video.
You have helped me for sure.

cddragonslayer says:

wow, I guess I’ll leave that part to the professionals. Thank you for the information and keep up the great videos!

Roland Caston says:

You need to pull the axles. Nothing to pack. Your rear bearings are lubed by the differential oil. Consult a manual.

cddragonslayer says:

Can you tell me how to do the rear bearings on a 97 dodge ram 1500 2wd.
It has drum brakes. thanks

cddragonslayer says:

I’m not a mechanic and have never done this until the other day. I had some wobble in my front wheels of 1997 dodge ram 1500. I stayed up the night before watching youtube vids and the next day I did both front bearings with no problems with new bearings and grease. I felt really good afterwards and probably saved myself a few hundred bucks from a shop. Although it took me about 3 hours as I was taking my time making sure I didn’t miss anything, the job was a piece of cake.

Yankee10021 says:

THANK YOU! I have worked on my own car for years but for some reason I never packed wheel bearing Great help and I’m ready to do it.

danielclack22 says:

Great video! Thanks.

Definitely take a look at the one expert village did. How long do you think his bearings will last??lol

uSoBayArea says:

best one that i saw on bearings. the expert village ones was annoying. they took forever not 1 video but many,,,and not even numbered. can you give me the methods on doing this on a 97 GMC yukon>?

NiCh0li says:

Good vid. about time somebody did a vid on how to pack bearings the right way.

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