How to repair a relay, bad solder joints, car, truck, etc. – VOTD

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Relay repair: 10 – 15 minutes In this video I repair a car relay. It had bad or broken solder joints.


zx8401ztv says:

The problem with electronics is the manufacturers use the solder to hold
the part in, its not designed to do that job, solder is just for a
connection, if they screwed the part down before soldering it,it would not
crack the solder so easy.
Also the holes in the pcb are too big, so you end up with a pin in the
center of a hole with a thin drum skin of solder connecting it to the
board, not clever.
I used to work in a factory repairing auto modules, but you know that lol.

Robert DIY says:
MrTroll199 says:

Have the same problem in my 1992 740, this helps me a lot, thank you. 

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