How To Safely Replace Suspension Struts On Your Car

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Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 47 years, shows how you can easily and safely change a strut assembly on your car.Shocks and struts are important to the handling, stopping and overall…


Dicofole says:

How is the quality of those Monroes vs OEM or KYB’s ?

Scotty Kilmer says:
Mr99RICH99 says:

Scotty how many cars do you work on a week on average 

Ira Friedman says:

Unless u have a fancy mercedes benz and have to spend over a grand for 1
shock and then get a dealer level scan tool to fill up the air 

coolkayaker1 says:

What is the difference between a shock and a strut besides their external
looks? Do some vehicles use both? Why might a manufacturer use one over
another? Thank you. 

K says:

after removing the strut you take out the new one out of the box… No
thanks that is one huge mistake… hahahaha

Roger Ramos says:

Scotty, whats your opinion on Rancho struts that add a 2 inch lift? 

salemsixx says:

Ive had my honda del sol s 1994 for almost a year and it has 43XXXX miles,
ive been seeing your videos on maintaining a car. They’ve been really
helpful saving me couple hundreds. Ill like to thank you for your hard work
and pointers.

Flame says:

I wish my rear strut mounts were in the trunk. I have to take apart the
back seat because they’re in the rear deck. That’ll be fun…

MrRangerZr1 says:

Scotty, you hate lifting the suspension of a car. What about lowering the

iworkforbudlight says:

My Fav part @ 1:26
Awesome tips and tricks Scotty. Thanks for sharing.
Aloha and take care

Jay Santos says:

Hi Scotty, does spring tension degrade over time? Meaning wouldn’t one
corner sag or be softer than the other? So you would want to keep the old
spring or change all 4 right?

I notice on old 4Runners and Cressidas, the rear tends to sag over time. 

t dub says:

Wish I’ve seen this video months ago when I had to replace my struts. Not
to mention align up the springs in the struts and holes is a pain in the
ass. Should I ditch my new struts and old springs, cover and buy new quick
install ones

Robert Stevens says:

PS Monroe is not the only company that makes these

Justin Hall says:

Too bad they don’t make these for all models :(

JMunn55 says:

+Jay Santos my 4Runner had a saggy rear. And terrible ride. Was gonna do
springs and shocks, but I just did springs and it made it way better. Now
it makes me realize how bad the fronts are. Those are next. And I’m
replacing them with Tundra struts

Shabadaybdeyb ead awdwda aw says:

Don’t fuck with dodgy spring compressors. I’ve had them explode off and
nearly hit me. Someone I know nearly died having an accident with these.

everss02 says:

Ha, I did my springs with nothing but hand tools and the free autozone
tool. Not fun, but I’m cheap lol

Amazon acdelco coils are very nice, huge upgrade from the junk Nissan ones,
way stiffer 

acenday1 says:

You uploaded this early!! 

ltwargssf R says:

hey scotty, any build or projects on your mind ?

animal16365 says:

I’ll be doing my 13 year old celica struts. And its going to be fun


Ty Scotty, you just saved me some money


then you use the old parts on a car that isn’t suited for it if you are a
host of the show roadkill

cedicol says:

I’m sorry to say but what a waist of money. Just get some good spring
compressors and don’t throw away your springs. Most of the time they are
still in very good condition as well as all the rest. Now a days you can
find good spring compressors for not even 100 bucks. Buy them ones in your
live and your good to go. Even when they cost you 200 bucks it’s a good
investment in the long run.

thebestofall007 says:

I considered using these, but there was one problem: Monroe didn’t have
them for my model of car at the time. I had to use the old fashioned way

James Edwards says:

I’ve had a bad experience with Monroe products not lasting or performing as
well as stock in the past. I know they are cheaper and easier to install,
but how do these “quick struts” measure up say to stock Toyota and Honda,
as far as performance and longevity are concerned? I usually get at least
100k miles out of my stock Honda struts and springs for around $600.

pedrof830 says:

If you have to replace all these components separately, it will cost you a
lot more in parts and labor than if you get the all-in-one unit from
Monroe, too bad they don’t come with adjustable settings for different
ride/handling tastes.

m medrano says:

Nice job Scotty. I probably should have did that with my Dakota instead of
just changing the strut itself.

krauser979 says:

Wish they made quick struts for my acura tl :/ the only option is cool
overs but I don’t want my car to be lowered haha

Tyler Dubbs says:

Scotty just bought a 99 Dodge Ram 1500 and every couple bumps I hit it
makes a grinding noise like metal on plastic any idea and when I start up a
steep hill I lose all A/C any ideas ? 

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