Jeep Timing Chain Replacement DIY

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Short and Sweet, how to change the timing chain in your 4.0 Sometimes when things get stretched too much they become sloppy. When I took my jeep up north to the Arctic Circle and Alaska,…


Bullshitkorner says:

This Timing Chain was looser than the Hookers Downtown 

Brit rider says:

Good vid. So you did not have to replace the oil pan gasket? I’m getting
ready to do this work on my ’93 and I’m building a parts list. I’d
appreciate any additional tips/pointers you may have (my whole front end is
disassembled while the Jeep is in body/paint, so I’m good there).

Utah Bones says:

That chain was as loose as Elton John’s asshole on turkey leg Thanksgiving.

NeverOwned says:

So you just line up the marks?
Dont you have to verify TDC at compression stroke?


Nice vid as always sir! my 03 TJ just rolled over 100K – I plan on having a
standard “tune up” done..even though it doesn’t sound loose or bad would
you recommend replacing the timing belt while Im at it? All others say why
not. OR if it aint broke dont fix it lol.
Cape Cod, MA 

J Bone says:

Kinda off topic but I’m changing my rear end fluid this weekend on the
F-150. It’s a 12 bolt and parts store says they can’t get gasket for it.
Permatex gasket maker? If so, red or blue? Thanks man

Jeepisking says:

How many miles are on it?

Ramez Deryas says:

Just changed my 2001 4.0 timing chain. At idle its quieter than the day I
bought it, however at about 30 mpg it made a weird “chain like” high
pitch noise. Almost sounds like metal is grinding but not quite??? Any idea
before I take it to a mechanic? PLEASSE! 

BuddyLe3 says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Luke Shaw says:

got to do the timing chain on my 2.5l yj it sonds like a diesel lol

Mojoman57 says:

On the 4th of July? Lol.

Jesse M says:

my ’05 wrangler rubicon makes a klang / metal impact sound when i brake
hard and/or turn simultaneously. the sound comes from near the right front
tire. any ideas? i hope this shit show doesn’t cost me too much…


I think I the same thing going on with my xj

Jim Devlin, Jr. says:

Know what I like about this? Not a bunch of talking, just getting the job
done. Really nice vid man. 

fredo p says:

Your filthy mouth spews out some awesome shit.

nooksolo says:

Run some Lucas motor honey in it . 

Edmund Mendez says:

Great video man, you explained it very clearly the steps needed to do the
job. Are you gonna do the timing chain on the BMW some time soon? I would
imagine it’s a lot more work.

Lucas Perla says:

Have you ever done any videos on how you edit your videos/ what programs
you use?

Mark O. says:

I WAS going to change out my timing chain this weekend, but, I think I will
wait until the 4th of July….I want to compare and contrast the tightness
of my new timing chain with the reference point you made @3:05……I just
wanna make sure I got it right……I hope my chain lasts 8
months….haaaa! Great video dude…..

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