Jeep Wrangler TJ Fender Replacement – Removal

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The procedures needed to remove the Jeep TJ Fenders. I discuss why this is a common problem for the Wrangler Fenders and what to do about it. Rust did make the job much more difficult.


Redneck Garage says:

I finally get the stinkin fender off .. 

Velvethamma says:

The passenger side on those is always the pain. They all rust and get
crappy but that one is almost always worse off to remove

boatcaptin14 says:

I never knew that it had a battery temperature sensor in the battery tray.
Would it throw an engine light or something if the battery over heated?

KU4PC says:

What a bunch of crap, fenders!. I’ll have to check mine. Iam still worried
about your frame, from the pics looking in your front, it don’t look good.
Oh well, we will find out soon. Keep Turin Randy. Mike

pokerrus78 says:

Where did you pick up that pair of fenders from? I recall you mentioned
that it was from a shop in Massachusetts, but I just need to know.

KU4PC says:

Dave I have a 2000 TJ, no issues, it’s been in Florida it’s whole life.

Stoneyburke says:

maybe the TJ is the last of the JEEPS. Hey do you go to the Swap meets
there in town? friends to those selling Auto parts and Window stickers.

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