Kenworth W900L – 3 Stick Shifting

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Same Truck as the Other Shifting Video, Now with 3 Sticks.


mrmadame28 says:

3 cock to play with, he must be happy

beefspudding says:

5×4 with a hi-lo 3rd stick

Brandon Holmes says:

jeaus bud need long enough gear shift

Zach Wilkerson says:

heh…. I’ll just stick with my trusty stock 18 speed o.o

RKeels100 says:

how much time do you have on your hands you must just drive on the interstate bored out of your mind i have 18sp local driving with all the crazy people and i would add anything to distract me from all the crazy’s

KLX1990 . says:

this dude just got the range box and splitter on sticks instead of switches, that aint nothin

northernchicken says:

that sounds like a handful glen, what he has here is just for fun, something different, but it’s pretty cool, and makes for somewhat of an anti theft device. wow 216 gear combinations in your unit. give us a vid or tutorial on shifting that combo !!

northernchicken says:

left is splitter…. right is range selector

m3bmrivers1 says:

That’s a real truck driver right there!! He on point. I know I couldn’t drive that

Ja'Michael Hines says:

My goodness lol

Jerkwaad says:

Detroit Michigan. The only hometown on the planet to trucks like these “Masters of Reality”

Ivan Lima says:

Parabéns cara, trabalhar com 3 alavancas não é para qualquer um, tem que ser muito ninja!!!

haulnlpgas says:

You may be a redneck if you think that is cool in any way. I’d like to see him drive my 6 x 4. Wanna be

Roger Ferreira says:


JRJtrucking says:

All respect to the shifter! I prefer volvo’s range splitter gearbox, straight fuller is nice too… Why the sticks must be so damn long… 😀

Steven Thomas says:

Gets in the way of road head.

rigswamper07 says:

Sounds like a Cummins

Volpio945 says:

CATERPILLAR engine ???

tobbzor says:

looks more like left is splitter and right is Range(hi/lo)

Andreas Johansson says:

American engineering at it’s best, 

trucker85cl says:

Nevermind the haters brother. Hammer down driver. Shifting is an art

Béla Toth says:

what an amazing turbo sound


what year of kenworth is it


What year of kenworth

tnjbadboy000 says:

I will stick to my standard shifter i need a free hand to flip the 4 wheelers off with

64Gerico says:

Deve essere molto comodo! Per guidare quel camion bisogna avere tre mani.

David Ruppel says:

Its a lot easier with one stick and a splitter Im sure

孝夫 天野 says:


rocsvt1 says:

imagine a repo man trying to take that truck back to the bank?!!!

Rodrigo Santos says:

Esse é doido! Isso é p/ poucos…

1967Willibald says:

Something ridiculous I have not seen in a long time.

Jeremy Asaro says:

What did u use for the air spliters ?

Ken Stinnett says:

why would you want all that sticking up in your cab is beyond me. but everyone’s got their thing i guess

LLschoolJ2 says:

i dont think he meant this to be a practical truck… i think he is one of those weirdos that get off to shifting and shit like that… o_o

DoYouWannaDiee says:

Badass man!

jack ripper says:

this isn’t my video, but this is a REAL twin stick truck and shows how challenging they are to drive.

tigros2 says:

3 words eaton fuller 18 is a real mans transmission lol

tigros2 says:

easy from left to right gear splitter, gear changer and hi/low range

dirtyhavoc says:

I will stick,pun intended,to my 18 speed two button thank you.

Jeremy Asaro says:

Just watched ur old video where did u get the 3 stick kit from?

lars vegar wærum says:

what about Volvo’s I-Shift transmission?, stupid Americans who live in the stone age

NeilLB7 says:

Wish we could have seen out the windshield. Looks like we’re flying through clouds on a sunny day.

NeilLB7 says:

Two words…..Allison Automatic…..

jack ripper says:

pointless and dangerous. This set up might be cool slinging around light loads on open roads but down here in Australia where we pull big weights up big hills, you’re not going to stand a chance dropping back 7-8 gears climbing a steep grade and running through tight bends. As long as you’re happy with it good for you. But it it not a good representation of how to drive a truck properly.

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