Lexus RX350 oil change tire rotation fluid check and more by froggy

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Christian paley says:

I don’t get it it says if you do full synthetic oil change you don’t have
to change your oil for 10K…Why do you change it in 5K?

010s010 says:

Very long time video ! Very bad deslike 

John Doe says:

Great Video! You mentioned buying oil drain plug washers, but I can’t find
that part in video again. Do you recall size of replacement washers or
what Toyota vehicle is interchangeable with RX. Thanks!

M Manek says:

Froggy, just stumbled on this video on ClubLexus. Thanks for sharing these
videos !!

Chris Baskett says:

Froggy, corvette owner here, no jack stands? Sounds kind of risky. Good
video. I watch all your videos on corvettes. I have an 02 C5.Thanks for the

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