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Randy had gone with a BIG boost Cummins for 2014 in the old school John Deere Chevy, but during the off-season, the itch for horsepower got him, so he put together a 555 BBC with 13:1 compression …


rekjavicxxx says:

Always awesome to see these JD trucks on the trails!

Buddy713 says:

Hell yeah! the right choice for sure!

MadRam11 says:

It sounds good thats for sure

Merlin Tom says:

Nothing sounds nastier than a high horse big block

RAJohnson713 says:

How much HP?

TexasRedneck says:

Why not go fuel injection on these? I can understand if you are just doing
mudpits, then a carb would be great. Seems like fuel injection would be
the best for trail riding

BLANCHARD csi miami says:

Fkn bad ass machine dam she sounds bitchn 

osp80 says:

turbo small block>>>>>big block

MartysMotorizedMayhem says:

Yep, that’s and awesome truck!

Shaygoomby .Latachingay says:

Hate all you want on boggers BUT,,, at least you can back up and go forward
etc and get out of some situations

classof19872006 says:

i like the truck i dont know about how short the tires are seems he just
gets stuck and high center i dont know

WE2TECH says:

i’m all for the gas but this was one of the baddest diesel trucks around
last year kinda miss it a little. still badass ride tho

Stackin Benjis says:


Kevin Gmerek says:

truck porn right there…also dig the beer..errr… soda coozie mount up
high..haha nice touch !

Yokochrist says:

I like the new power plant better! It screams now.

gano famoso says:

Meu cu

South ga jeeepers says:

Love that truck. Hope to see more of it

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