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AppLabs Digital Studios’ CarCrazee Show will bring together the young and veteran car and gadget enthusiasts and social influencers from all over Metro Manila. As the first ever social gathering, the convention is slated to offer a variety of the coolest and newest gadgets and the best custom modified cars in the Philippines! Get a […]

Powerful engine and exhaust sounds once gave the great cars their distinct personality. However, noise, comfort and environment restrictions have led to these sounds being suppressed in the modern vehicle — until now! Developed in Scandinavia, SoundRacer is a special piece of technology, honed by countless months of research, development and testing. This innovative car […]

While the hottest new cars hogged the limelight at the recent Frankfurt Motor Show, our man guides you through the most important gadgets and accessories of the show. Read more:

In this episode, I check out Panther Motor’s “Scoot Coupe” to see if it’s a viable way to get to work.

Who is driving the Inspector Gadget car/ I don’t think its Georrge Barris. Auto enthusiasts of all ages love the museum’s playful children’s exhibit featuring the “Back to the Future” DeLorean, the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and other wacky hotrods. The little ones delight in piloting the museum’s antique kiddy-rides.

When Fifth Gear wanted to outfit a vehicle with all the latest hi-tech gadgets, they turned to Connect2Car’s MFC System to control various electrical functions on the vehicle with a cell phone via Bluetooth wireless technology!

Full HD 1080p Video By NM2255: Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Race Car. This car races in the 2012 International Superstars V8 Series, listen to its awesome sound with lots of accelerations, loud fly bys and downshifts on the track! ►If you like this video please rate and comment!

2nd round, Eastern Creek Sydney – 2007

From RC Racing the worlds no1 RC TV show – – The deciding race of the 2008 1/10th TV worlds from Bangkok Thailand – Race commentary by John Hindhaugh, with Nick Daman in th epits!

Honda NSX vs. Lamborghini Diablo animated.

We line up five of the world’s hottest new exotic cars for a once-in-a-lifetime drag race. Shot By: Mike Suggett, Jim Gleason, Terren Lin Edited By: Mike Suggett Read the story here: