Pinion seal replacement: Jeep Wrangler pinion seal dana 35 rear axle

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Process for the home mechanic to replace a pinion seal. In this video I replace the rear differential pinion seal on a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ. The rear axle is a Dana 35. I am not a certified…


SexyToshi says:

Is it easy enough to take out pinion nut without impact gun?

D.J JIMBO says:

AWESOME VIDEO!!! Very well spoken!

nick tillman says:

You should torque the nut not count the threads

JeepSolid says:
3hdninja says:

Thanks for the solid info. 

valenjtine says:

Will this procedure work on my dana 30 with a crush sleeve? Great video!

wegngis says:

Nice video, very clear.

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