Removing moisture in a headlight! How to…

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How to remove moisture/condensation/water from inside your headlights easy. You need to get the moisture out before you seal the leak! http://how-to-detail.c…


Xiong Vue says:

civics turbo! lol

Gary Lee says:

i used a hairdryer to blow it…should i use cold or hot air??

Gage Decker says:

Will do. If I find a proper way to seal the light it should work.

Mike Mccool says:

Cool idea…. I’m pretty sure the light could handle 15 lbs of vacuum or so but the masking tape wouldn’t. But if you try it, let me know! Later

Gage Decker says:

I was thinking about doing this to my tail light but I’m curious if I could use a vacuum pump (which should cause the water to boil and evaporate) and seal up all of the vacuum leaks on the tail light with masking tape. Do you think this would work or could it cause damage to the tail light?

Mike Mccool says:

You might want to check out my “how to repair headlight” video…The majority of the time it is the seal between the lens and rear housing.

djhdm715 says:

hey mike, I have a 2004 Buick rainier and am having a problem with my right side headlight I just recently bought hid (8000k) and I noticed vapor water inside the headlight. I bought a new headlight thinking the old was no good anymore. well the next morning I noticed the same thing happening to the new headlight. can you help me out on to why this is happening? I have gone to the place were I bought the hid and they tell me its not the hid.

August H. Land Jr. says:

Thank you for the help,I needed that.

Mike Mccool says:

it’s blowing!

futuri100 says:

Is it sucking the or blowing air?

Hood Historian says:

THANKS !! i used a  blow dryer instead of an air compressor will suscribe!

DeeJaayDANNYm says:

Alright, thanks for replying.

Mike Mccool says:

Hey Dee Jaay…. I’m really not sure, it was on my old computer which has been tossed since. Sorry Bud

DeeJaayDANNYm says:

Yo Mike, whose track is that?…feeling it.

ataylor985 says:

I think it’s sucking the air out. I did it with a vacuum and it worked. It didn’t remove all the moisture, but it removed a good bit of it.

Aaron Martin Pilkington says:

Hey, Great video! I have condensation in my headlight and are too expensive to replace. Should i remove the headlight, putting it in warm conditiion to dry out then fill the tiny crack it has with tiny sealant.

greek4life911 says:

hey i had moisture in one of my headlights…i took of the caps and let the car sit in the sun…now is good and fixed the problem tha caused it…but i have a bit water spot stains from the inside…any ideas???…i really dont wanna take it apart! 🙁 thanx

hurtado198812 says:

Is it blowing air or suckin

joli78363 says:

does adj air pencil Suck the air out or blow air inn???? plus sum culk to keep the moisture out…..quick fix..not badd “A”

jparrott1994 says:

how does moisture get in a headlight???????

0gumbasia says:

It’s easy if you have an air compressor and a tapered nozzle 🙂

alexdanielr says:

nice car 🙂

Gonzalo R says:

ok cool! Thanks man!! 

Gonzalo R says:

what do you use?

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