Replace Rear Disc Brake Pads & Rotors – Hyundai Sonata

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In this video I show you the process of replacing rear pads and rotors on your 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS. These are a little tricky to do. Parts used in filming: -Brake Rotor – Rear Wearever…


wayne parks says:

This video helped me replace my rear rotors and pads yesterday. Thanks so
much. Didn’t have never seize but I may go get some and Jack the car back
up. Won’t take me long now that I know what I’m doing. Thx again. 

King Pin says:

Have you ever done REAR brakes on a 2006-2010 model Sonata…The model
before the one in this vid. I’ve come across the REAR pads on my 2008 (
w/33,000k on it) not fitting correctly (to tight) into the slides of the
caliper bracket and they hang up & cause friction. I had to file down each
end of all 4 pads EVER SO SLIGHTLY on my bench grinder to allow them to fit
freely between the slides. No rust or dirt was the cause of the hang up…
I tried fitting new pads and they fit very tight as well in the slides…
The brakes now work as they should. Would like to know you input if you
have the time. Thanks!

mussels64 says:

Ok great. Thanks for the reply man.
That Camaro SS cat back looked like a good clean install. Sounded nice!

Valde3333 says:

Have you done brakes like this ? How do you get the pins
out? I know they should just pull out but they are very rusty. That type of
rear caliber is used on many Japanese cars.

ThePariss333 says:

I have a question : if you do this at 4:24, 15:00 and 15:32, don’t hurt the
screw thread ?

joe smith says:

excellent video thank u and u are right these numb nuts who put these cars
together don’t realize they have too be worked on and some shit is hard too
get too!!!

Dorian Banks says:

James Nottingham says:

Excellent video. Thank You.

Show Me What I Need To Know says:

Great vid

joshkilla67 says:

Just changed all four rotors and pads on my 2013. It sucked reallllllly
bad, but i managed to do it relatively easily once i got the first rear one
done. I took a diferent bolt out. i took the one by the caliper bracket out
and the lower bolt, not the spring one. it made my life 10x easier. i
wouldnt have had the courage to do the rear ones withoutthis video though!
thanks bro you saved me about 200-300$

Chris vonberosius says:

The genius at Hyunda who did this is a triple AAA A-hole 

LazyManXYZ says:

That impact driver is awesome. What brand is yours? How much did it cost if
you dont mind me asking? Thanks!

Drew99GT says:

Are car manufacturers engineering things like that on purpose??? Remove
suspension bolts to replace a brake rotor? Things used to be engineered
with maintenance/replacement in mind!

CoryMcwinburn says:

Very nice video Eric! I recently subscribed to your channel, and I
appreciate the time and effort you put into making these videos! Thank you
for sharing your knowledge with us!

Nick Nicu says:

Unbelievable Hyundai indeed! What a junk! Are you serious about the brake
pistons made out of plastic?! I’ve never worked on one…
Anyway,keep up the good work man! Soon you’ll have more views and
subscriptions than Eric the car guy. Love the detailed videos,not just
shots where bolts magically get loose and parts get taken off by themselves
like in Scotty’s videos.

Rick Masters says:

What have we learned? American driver dumbness is everywhere. Not
maintaining your vehicle, dropping it off at the shop when it is too late,
and then with no petrol in it. Superior. Nice to see how the work is done.
Another example of non-maintenance-friendly engineering. Scary to think
that the dumb drivers here will mess with brakes. Safety? LOL Buy used, no,
buy ab-used.

jimthecarguy says:

Eric ,I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten into a car only to see
that there is NO GAS.Great job on the video

wysetech2000 says:

Like you,I’m in the trenches every day and this is the first time I have
seen anyone do a brake replacement the way I would do it. Sign it the
office states that that if a customers car runs out of fuel on a road test
we will leave it right where it stops and from there it’s shop rate per
hour to get fuel and/or a tow back to the shop.

Jonathan Milbury says:

Great video on properly doing a brake job. Those pliers you have look like
knipex Cobras. How do you like them?

Greg Tower says:

Excellent explanation! I have a 2011 Kia Optima with the same brakes.
Thanks for your info!

wysetech2000 says:

MMMmmmm…..idling on the lot. I Iike your evil side.

Jason Mendelke says:

I’ve got to do my 2004 Sonata. Do you know if I have to take the rear
caliper off the way as shown here?

Roger Sahagun says:

Hello eric, I have a question for you. My friend tried changing his own
rear brake pads and in the process he pushed instead of turning the rear
caliper piston. The piston is attached with the parking brake mechanism,
and therefore should be twisted in, not pushed in. Now he says he has a
grinding noise and when he checked the pads again, the pad thats closest to
the piston was worn down more than the other pad. The caliper slide pins
work properly and slide with ease. Do you think the problem is in the
piston or in the parking brake adjuster? Or what do you think is the
problem since the piston was just pushed in instead of twisting it back in?
Thanks for your time! Appreciate it.

mussels64 says:

Hey great video. Does an ’11 Santa Fe, have that same genius design with
that hidden bolt?

Mitch McDaniel says:

Great DIY video. Replaced all four rotors on my 2011 today. Realigning
the pin on the rear control arm was a pain. So much so, that I did the
other side without removing the shock bolt or the control arm bolt. If you
back the caliper bracket mounting bolt out as far as it will go and
then remove the rotor screws and break the rotor loose, it will give you
just enough room to remove the caliper bracket. It was still a pain
getting the bolt screwed back in using the open end wrench, but not as much
as realigning the control arm bolt. Saved me about hours worth of labor.
Keep up the great work. It was greatly appreciated.

Johnny Z says:

You did a great job on that Sonata. I usually or mostly do all my own work.
But I would let you do the work on my car. Im picky and dont generally
trust mechanics but, damn, good job.

Jeremy Jordan says:

Thanks for the video. Do you need an alignment because you had to
disconnect the strut and control arm?

ThePariss333 says:

I know you did this job cause a customer , I just did it to see, check and
clean every thing inside. Mine is Elantra 2008, same problem with rear
chock in the middle and rear upper arm in the middle of caliper holder bolt.
Actually is better to loose every thing to give them the right torque. I
gave my help or the way I did it on Google, cause there is not video for my
You have done a perfect video, I learned from my mistake, cause I never see
this video. I just did both rear brake, just for fun, clean and check, they
are all good 50% with 72.000 miles, but now I know how it work

John Atnip says:

Great instructional video. I’ve worked on my own cars for a very long time
and have done numerous brake jobs, but would have been pulling my hair out
trying to get the caliper bolt out that hides behind the shock and the
control arm. Do you have a video for the front brakes and rotors of the
same vehicle?

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