Stall at idle only

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Most GM 2.4 engines will have this problem. It stalls at idle only, never when driving, always restarts AND NO CODES. You can spend a lot of time searching for the problem and searching the scanner for help. Look at this common problem, it just might be what you need to fix it.


FeliciasChannel says:

i asked a customer from my job thats a mechanic and he said it also could be dirty fuel injecters too if its not this. I used the lucus fuel injecter fluid and it fixed my problem with stalling during iddling

sanny lucky says:

u r best ever sir i am a obd2 student and i learned many things in ur video

FeliciasChannel says:

how about on a 2002 HONDA civic

marek0086 says:

I didnt say ALL are a joke.

chuckmekere says:

I’m not a diehard fan of american cars, but the 2.2L OHV, the 3800, and the LT1 and LS engines, andmany more “American POS” engines would like to disagree with your statement.

marek0086 says:

These American engines are a joke!

elemineseslapolla says:

expertvillage disliked this video

killer2600 says:

knocking on people (scotty) who are merely trying to help others save a buck and fix their own cars – maybe you haven’t noticed but scotty shows and explains things in a simple backyard mechanic way, the way most DIYer’s looking for help on the internet would go about it because lets face it if you have a shop with 2/4-post car lift, specialty tools, computers, and service manuals you wouldn’t be looking for help on youtube to fix your car.

masster64 says:

classic case of cheap plastic and rubber made in china.

1947froggy says:

I love your camera work.

richard j says:

@foxdmulder – Hey buddy, please don’t say something against Scotty, there are a lot of people that finds his ways helpful and very practical also, about the driveway he works on, who knows whats the real deal why is he working on his driveway, he might be retired already and just fixing things here and there for fun, cheers bud, no offence, thanks 🙂

andrew donohue says:

what if you have a 87 bonneville with a 3.8 that suffers from the same problem

PIGpatrol007 says:

Great fix and this lady only had to pay $250.00 bucks for the fix…

foxdmulder says:

scotty kilmer wouldnt come near these guys, you couldnt even put him in the same league, his ethics and procedures are sloppy and messy, he promotes the use of every chemical under the sun to repair leaks that will cause more damage than good, he claims to be an award winning technician with years of experience and yet he works from his driveway!

ratrace2p51 says:

I agree:
Along with EricTheCarGuy……These guys are the best…..

howtovideo2011 says:

he knows what he is doing.just knowing how to replace the parts does not make you a mechanic.infact it’s the skill required to diagnose the problem makes a good technician.keep up the good work.cheeers

pfcwar5150 says:

2:20,..put some hair on it

frankie2234 says:

always a pleasure to see such detail and thought put into your videos…very informative. thanks

madsyko23 says:

would that problem go back to ’88? i had a ’88 2.4 gm engine that would do the same thing, ended up actually selling it because it continued to get progressively worse. until i started driving with two feet just to keep the engine revved up.

wardubo says:

You are the best…along with EricTheCarGuy. :D

sbakar says:

The interesting thing is that all three have their own unique styles, but they’re all very enjoyable to watch and you learn a lot, too!!

ESPsandEmgs says:

I had already subscribed to Eric, but thanks for Scotty!

sbakar says:

Duane’s videos are really good, you can also check out EricTheCarGuy and ScottyKilmer for similar videos. 

salemcripple says:

When i was going through college, someone asked my fuel systems teacher why cars aren’t made in a way so they can be easily serviced. His answer was car manufacturers don’t really give a damn if the car gets fixed or not. They’d much rather you go out and buy a new car every time yours broke down.

thunderstruckter666 says:

long nosed pliers will help make this an easy job. Whenever a 2.4 shows up with these symptoms, i always check these hoses. Many times they get pierced. these engines have a few common problems – engine knock, fuel injector leakages, map sensor hose….at least they do get a cavalier moving quite fast!!

ESPsandEmgs says:

This guys videos are probably the best on YouTube when it comes to detail.

guayacan07 says:

How long did it take to find this problem ???

moofushu says:

Omg that hose was a tight fit. I wish they would make cars with a little more space to get at stuff but I guess they are not built to be serviced.

EricTheCarGuy says:

Great video as always.

robert leon says:

great video!!

hp11208 says:


areskzc says:



Good eyes , Great diag.

sbakar says:

Great video, nice fix on a common engine! Did you suspect that vacuum hose right away because you had seen this before, or did you diagnose it after testing?

AllenTrucks says:

great video i was just wondering does the check engine light come on or does it trip a code when that happens

mazzmari says:

Haha, i like that explanation: “It’s gonna turn your fingers black… because vacuum hoses do that.” Good video!

studpuppy69 says:


spelunkerd says:

What a great find. This must have been a real puzzle when it was brought into the shop. Gotta wonder if there is some kind of dealer info bulletin warning that this can happen. How a shady tree mechanic finds this stuff out without connections must be a challenge.

jmihalchik says:

the reason the car is stalling at idle is because once the throttle is opened more the vacuum is reduced and the hose probably dosent pinch anymore. Since its doing it with the throttle untouched it will not set a code because the computer does not see tps changes. also as the car heats up its possible the hose expands a bit more.

CoolasIce2 says:

Good vid. Shouldn’t that problem set a code? Let’s see. The MAP sensor sees high vacuum while the hose is open, and then it apparently loses the vacuum as the hose is pinched off. The MAP sensor will think the throttle is opened and it will send a signal to the computer.

wesley5138 says:

nice fix !

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