Top Gun – Highway to the Dangerzone

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If you are one of those low-life pieces of shit who think you can bribe me with money into adding a link to the description of this video, you are sorely mistaken. Grow up, stop fucking with people, and get a fucking life. I am NOT linking to your scam/hacking/virus infested/etc sites. Fuck off. ================================== Apologies to those who are just here to watch the video. I’ll let you get to it. :3 Over 15 million views?! It still blows me away that this is my most popular video, and I didn’t put that much effort into making compared to my other videos. Just more proof on how epic this movie and song are. RIDE INTO THE DANGERZONE~ (I know I don’t reply to comments that much, but I do read them. To be honest, I just liked the movie for the action, and always thought it would be amazing to be a fighter pilot. By reading your comments, I’ve actually learned quite a bit. :3) === I love this movie. Seriously. This and Days of Thunder (which I’m also planning on doing a vid to) are two of my favorite movies. =D Used the Themesong, because its awesome. ^^ Not too much editing in this one. Just lots of action sequences. I didn’t put too much effort into it because Movie Maker was starting to piss me off. Rate, comment, enjoy! ^^ Disclaimer: I do not own or claim any rights to Top Gun or Highway to the Dangerzone. They are copyrighted to Paramount Pictures (I think) and Kenny Loggins respectively. ===LYRICS=== Revvin’ up your engine Listen to her howlin’ roar Metal

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indskab says:

Every two hours a new comment is submitted!!! THAT leaves none read my COMMENT! fucking hypocrites! THUMB ME DOWN!

RandomShark100 says:

WHOA! Awesome!

brightlights456X says:

Shut uuupppp ;D

clark63 says:

well put description. best i’ve seen yet.


lol okay. LMAO is an acronym for laughing my ass off and Joseph Fritzel is a creepy, incestual pedophile bastard.

Raziel Blackmore says:

Our air force is relatively small in numbers, so positions were very few, i just didn’t make the cut for the program, they didn’t give me any reasons.

Goran Spasic says:

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David Wood says:

Top Gun was Navy, not Air Force

Lily Sanchez says:

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brightlights456X says:

So many men joined the Air Force because of this film. Little did they now there would be stuck there for several years and never fly a jet.

Ha ha……you just gotta laugh, haven’t you 😀

Garry Wacky says:

needs more neil patrick harris

IIMadara says:

tough luck man :/ why weren’t you qualified though?

Raziel Blackmore says:

I would have given my life to become a Fighter-jet pilot, the odds weren’t in my favor though, i was not qualified, damn fucking life…


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manok30 says:


kimberly longman says:

How funny! So IAmTHEGodOHELLFIRE said he or she is laughing their ass off! Over what I said

ChriisDino says:


kimberly longman says:

Thank you for telling me I appreciate that. How funny!

cyler9 says:

Hey Lana, Lana!, LANA! Danger zone!

HongKongPhooey89 says:

And don’t forget: playing volleyball.

TheMagicalYeti says:


BGVassil says:

Why can’t I watch this on my playlist? Who at youtube has fucked up, yet again.

meisthatguy says:

You’re all missing the point, goose is dead and he’s not coming back.

AvengedSevenfold9000 says:

Best funkin movie ever our guardian angels fill the skys in tomcats phantoms and raptors

survivalgear7 says:

1 of the best movies ever!!!!!!

TheCheesyMac88 says:


VideoNut81 says:

Hey, Slider……You stink.

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