toyota corolla maint reqd light reset maintenance required

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Close This video will show you how to reset the maint reqd light. please SUBSCRIBE RATE AND COMMENT thank you.


Mike McCalib says:

Sweet! Thanks for the help.

Deborah Cepeda says:

Thank you so much !!!! I was afraid to tell my husband… But I did it all by myself.. Yeah !

charlotte2004 says:

Thank you do much!!

nhsgrizzly70 says:

***2005 style corolla*** it must be in the odometer field and not the trip. Don’t know why they would change it to be less intuitive in the 2009 model! Thank you for shooting me in the right direction!

Gordon Phillips says:

thank you

heidibogeidi says:

Perfect, so easy!!! Thank you.

Luis Trujillo says:

Great!! thx

Zinniah says:

Woohoo! Thank you!

jaggedr0ck says:

The internet,…Youtube,….You Rock man! Thank you for this!!!

AndoniMoustakas says:

Why do people dislike this video? lmfao XD

littletylero says:

Awesome! You have earned a cookie!

pwells10 says:

Much appreciated.

Bibhor4 says:

this thing was bugging me so much.. thank you so much

Austin Wilson says:

Thank fucking god someone put this up!!!

BelfastBailey says:


Randell Wyatt says:

Thanks man!

vikramthandi8 says:

Thanks man!

DetectorOCD says:

Thanks buddy!

Sarah Appifanie says:

Thank you! Mine just turned on automatically at 49,900 and it isn’t due for service until 53,200 and my Toyota service is a PITA.

Asib Abdul says:


Asib Abdul says:

Thanks a lot save my

ary krerkuk says:

thank you my freind

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiqi says:

can anyone tell me that the digital-speed window in the switch board of corolla 2006 or 2007 is by mile or kilometer???

Mohammad Yusuf Siddiqi says:

Thank you for the information,

srayyd says:

Yes i had tried the video way also and it didn’t work for my 2007 Corolla. Thank you for posting. It helped me out.

Bob Bishop says:

Reset a 2001 Corolla – called dealer to ask how many miles to auto reset – stated about 50 – took back to emissions after 96 miles and failed because not total reset – then was locked out of emission check by tester for future without going to authorized mechanic who is able to call in and request retest again! Amazing how I am getting ripped

Jose Gradiz says:

tha’s realy work, thank you so so much ^_^

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